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Clemson Has Strong Graduation Success Rate Statistics

CLEMSON, SC – According to data released by the NCAA, Clemson’s football program has a graduation success rate of 75 percent, seventh best nationally among the top 25 teams in the latest USA Today poll, and 16th best in the nation among all FBS schools.

The data was derived after reviewing graduation rates from all student-athletes who entered school between 2002 and 2005, so the data examines a four-year cohort.   Student-athletes have a six-year window to graduate.  Unlike the federal graduation rate, student-athletes who transfer are not counted in the Graduation Success Rate data.

This year’s 75 percent rate for the Clemson football program was the best in six years and just below the record rate of 77 percent announced for the 1995-99 cohort.

Clemson was tied for fifth among ACC schools and trailed only Boston College, Miami (FL), Duke and Wake Forest.  Nationally Clemson was tied for 16th among FBS schools with Alabama, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

Clemson’s men’s basketball program also had a 75 percent rate and the overall rate for all Clemson sports was 84 percent, ahead of the national average of 80 percent.

Leading the way among Clemson’s sports were the women’s basketball, women’s swimming and women’s volleyball programs, which all posted a perfect 100 score.  Clemson’s women’s rowing program was a 97 and the schools national top 10 women’s track program was at 89.  Larry Penley’s golf program had the top figure among men’s sports with an 88.

The Top 20 Teams in USA Today Football Poll in Terms of GSR:

GSR Rank Team Coach Poll GSR


Notre Dame 5 97
2. Rutgers 15


3. Stanford 19 90
4. Boise State 18 81
5. West Virginia 22 79
6. LSU 6 77
7. Alabama 1 75
Florida 3 75
Clemson 13 75
10. Ohio University 23 74
11. Georgia 11 69
Michigan 20 69
Texas A&M 21 69
14. Texas Tech 17 66
15. Wisconsin 25 65
16. Oregon 2 64
17. Louisville 14 63
19. Oregon State 9 60
20. Kansas State 4 58
Source: USA Today