Clemson Football Parking Management Plan Enhanced for 2008 Season

Clemson Football Parking Management Plan Enhanced for 2008 Season

Aug. 14, 2008

Parking Zone Maps

Preparation for each football season takes a great deal of collaboration from our University Administration, the Highway Patrol, Clemson Police, IPTAY and several other constituent groups that intersect with the Athletic Department game management staff. Therefore, throughout the summer, weekly meetings are scheduled with these various groups to explore ways to improve our game day environment.

This year, the Clemson Athletic Department and IPTAY will be implementing a few additions to our parking plan to provide improved customer service to our IPTAY donors.

The first step in the plan will begin with new, bold highway signage leading into Clemson. These new signs will certainly help donors, as well as General Parking patrons to be directed to their appropriate parking areas.

The signage will indicate how the parking lots will be divided into three parking regions – North, South and West. These regions will be designated on all IPTAY donor parking placards and donors need to follow the traffic signs to their respective regions.

Each of the three regions will be subdivided into zones and within each zone individual parking signs will indicate the donor’s lot or specific street. General Parking and accessible parking lots will also be marked to direct these people to appropriate areas.

One of the challenges we face in IPTAY is monitoring the multitude of parking issues that arise in the parking lots. Therefore, after reviewing our notes and comments from previous years, the Athletic Department and IPTAY made the decision to adopt this region and zone concept.

A zone attendant hired by IPTAY will assist with managing their assigned lot. This will enable us to have consistent, mature and responsible individuals who will assist with monitoring our parking lots. Our primary purpose is to ensure our donors have an enjoyable tailgating experience and we believe assigning these zone supervisors to our donor parking lots will provide a liaison to our game management. These zone supervisors will have designated orange clothing, golf cart, camera and radio, and be very visible in each area they are assigned.

These zone supervisors will be in direct contact with out game day command post to handle any problems or emergencies. Their responsibilities will include managing all parking attendants, enforce parking policies and act as ambassadors for our IPTAY organization. When problems surface, the zone supervisor will report any issues to the donor, as well as to Athletics and IPTAY staff.

Additionally, all parking questions and concerns should be directed to GATE 11 of Memorial Stadium. This is the gate next to the visitor’s locker room entrance. This window will be manned with someone in direct communication with each zone supervisor, as well as the central game management command post. Hopefully donors will take advantage of this and avoid the congestion of the IPTAY and ticket office when handling any parking concerns.

We anticipate all our donors will take time to review all the parking policies. These policies are listed on the back of the sheet of parking placards. Also, please pay special attention to the permanent restroom locations throughout campus.

We hope this enhancement to our parking lots will help game day traffic, parking and provide an enjoyable game day experience.