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May 13, 2023

Clemson Finishes Sixth in ACC Championship

RALEIGH, N.C. – The Clemson Tigers wrapped up their 2023 season on Saturday, May 13 with the conclusion of the ACC Championship on Lake Wheeler in Raleigh, N.C.

Clemson finished day two of the ACC Championship with three sixth place finishes and one fifth place finish in the grand finals, along with a second place finish in the petite final. The Tigers ended the Championship in sixth place with a total of 41 points. Winning four of the five races earned Virginia the ACC Rowing Championship title for the 13th straight year.

“Congratulations to Virginia on winning this ACC championship” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “They have been excellent standard bearers for our conference and deserve this win. We are certainly disappointed with our finish here today, but we know we gave it everything we had.”

The racing began with the 3v8s at 8:05 a.m. and concluded with the 1v8 at 9:55 a.m. In the grand final races, Clemson’s 3v8 earned fifth at 7:14.092 while their 2v4, 2v8 and 1v8 all placed sixth. The Tigers 1v4 finished second at 7:46.460 in their only petite final race of the day. Following the conclusion of the races, Clemson senior Anna Luttrell earned All-ACC second team recognition.

Because Clemson did not place higher in today’s races, the Tigers will not make this year’s NCAA Tournament and thus their 2023 season is over. 


  1. Virginia (95)
  2. Syracuse (86)
  3. Duke (83)
  4. Notre Dame (62)
  5. Miami (61)
  6. Clemson (41)
  7. Louisville (27)
  8. North Carolina (24)
  9. Boston College (24)


3v8 grand final

  1. Virginia (6:49.096)
  2. Syracuse (6:51.932)
  3. Duke (6:53.620)
  4. Notre Dame (7:02.140)
  5. Clemson (7:14.092)
  6. Louisville (7:25.658)

2v4 grand final

  1. Virginia (7:17.988)
  2. Duke (7:21.084)
  3. Syracuse (7:27.060)
  4. Notre Dame (7:31.448)
  5. Boston College (7:49.208)
  6. Clemson (7:52.308)
  7. UNC (7:55.644)
  8. Miami (8:09.748)

1v4 petite final

  1. Boston College (7:44.284)
  2. Clemson (7:46.460)
  3. Louisville (7:51.116)

2v8 grand final

  1. Virginia (6:34.625)
  2. Duke (6:34.981)
  3. Syracuse (6:47.417)
  4. Notre Dame (6:51.877)
  5. Miami (6:54.837)
  6. Clemson (7:00.697)

1v8 grand final

  1. Syracuse (6:20.495)
  2. Virginia (6:21.351)
  3. Duke (6:29.283)
  4. Miami (6:34.211)
  5. Notre Dame (6:35.787)
  6. Clemson (6:42.099)


  • 1v8: Lori Belanger, Isabel Velasquez, Amelia Anglin, Caroline Emerson, Rachel Twitty, Anna Luttrell, Claudia Scherbin, Lucia Coutant and Christina Minyo (coxswain)
  • 2v8: Emma Randolph, Hannah Hayes, Camille Egger, Jane Upmeyer, Abby Dutton, Gabby Babin, Jordy Andrade, Hannah Newman and Julia Walsh (coxswain)
  • 3v8: Lauren Johnson, Kaila Wallace, Ikelle Iturbe, Elizabeth Murphy, Amari Randall, Deanna Caceres, Emma Frohnapfel, Josie Bonamy and Lauren Crumley (coxswain). 
  • 1v4: Amelia Rinehart, Maddie O’Neill, Emery Sampson, Maylin Lindsey and Salma Shaalan (coxswain)
  • 2v4: Ana Klenke, Celia Cox, Maddie Scarlett, Karli Robinson and Kristen Dutkin (coxswain)

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