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Mar 25, 2023

Clemson Finishes Oregon State Invite

Eugene, Oregon – On Saturday, March 25, the Clemson Tigers rowing team competed in the Oregon State Invite on Dexter Lake. At the regatta, Clemson competed against Gonzaga, Oregon State and San Diego.

First, the 1v4s raced at 8:50 a.m. where they finished fourth recording a 8:17.10 time. Next came the 2v8s, who finished second behind Oregon State at 7:13.44 minutes. To finish the day for the Tigers, the 1v8 raced at 9:30 a.m.where they also finished second place with a 6:54.39 time.

“I’m incredibly grateful to Oregon State for hosting on this beautiful venue and for them, along with Gonzaga, letting us borrow boats” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “We would not have been able to make this west coast trip happen without their generosity. We raced hard today and came up a little short, but it was encouraging to see us in the mix with Oregon State, a team that finished last year ranked 14th. Our 2V8 and our V4 were brand new lineups that had never raced together before today and I’m certain they will continue to gain speed as they get more experience. We have quick turnaround this week to race in New Jersey so we’ll have implement what we learned today quickly.”

Next weekend Clemson will travel to Cherry Hill, New Jersey to race in the Doc Hosea Invitational.

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  1. Gonzaga (8:03.08)
  2. OSU (8:03.85)
  3. San Diego (8:07.98)
  4. Clemson (8:17.10)


  1. OSU (7:02.14)
  2. Clemson (7:13.44)
  3. Gonzaga (7:17.47)
  4. San Diego (7:27.63)


  1. OSU (6.50.07)
  2. Clemson (6:54.39)
  3. Gonzaga (6:56.41)
  4. San Diego (7:00.97)



  • 1v4: Julia Walsh (cox), Maddie O’Neill, Amelia Rinehart, Karli Robinson, Emery Sampson (bow)
  • 1v8: Christina Minyo (cox), Lucia Coutant (stroke), Claudia Scherbin, Anna Luttrell, Rachel Twitty, Caroline Emerson, Amelia Anglin, Isabel Velasquez, Lori Belanger (bow)
  • 2v8: Salma Shaalan (cox), Gabby Babin (stroke), Abby Dutton, Hannah Hayes, Jordy Andrade, Jane Upmeyer, Camille Egger, Jaysen Hall, and Emma Randolph (bow)