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Oct 14, 2023

Clemson Finishes Fall Season Strong at the Secret City Head Race

Oak Ridge, Tenn. – With Clemson’s Novice 8+ taking first place, the Tigers finished their fall season strong at the Secret City Head Race on Saturday, Oct. 14 in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

“It is incredibly fun to see our Novice Tigers race for the very first time with the Paw on their uniform and on their oars” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “Not only did they earn their medals today, but they also earned their stripes.” 

The Novice 8+ started the racing for Clemson at 10:30 a.m. and won first place with a 20:30.5 time, beating all four of Tennessee’s boats. At 11:50 a.m., three of Clemson’s boats raced each other in the Open 8+ where their A boat finished first at 18:26.0, C boat finished second at 18:50.8 and B boat finished third at 19:30.3. Next, Clemson’s A boat won the Novice 4+ at 23:02.5 with their B boat following shortly behind at 23:28.3 for second place. Clemson would wrap up the day with four of their boats racing each other in the Open 4+. The Tigers A boat would take first at 19:43.7, then the B boat at 20:05.6, the C boat at 20:29.9 and finally the D boat at 20:47.8. 

The Tigers now look ahead to the spring for its next races. The spring schedule is TBA. 

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Novice 8+

1st- Clemson (20:30.5) 

2nd- Tennessee A (21:12.9)

3rd- Tennessee B (21:42.6)

4th- Tennessee C (22:56.5)

5th- Tennessee D (24:03.8)

Open 8+

1st – Clemson A (18:26.0)

2nd – Clemson C (18:50.8)

3rd – Clemson B (19:30.3)

Novice 4+

1st – Clemson A (23:02.5)

2nd – Clemson B (23:28.3)

3rd – Tennessee (27:01.6)

Open 4+

1st – Clemson A (19:43.7)

2nd – Clemson B (20:05.6)

3rd – Clemson C (20:29.9)

4th – Clemson D (20:47.8)