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Apr 22, 2022

Tigers Compete on Day One of Lake Wheeler Invite

RALEIGH, N.C. — Clemson competed on the first day of the Lake Wheeler Invite in Raleigh, N.C., defeating boats from Louisville, Temple, Oklahoma, Duke, Navy, UCF, Syracuse, Bucknell and Penn. The Tigers performed well, placing second in every boat, including the V4+, 2V4+, V8+, 2V8+ and 3V8+. 

Clemson outraced two boats from top 25 programs, beating No. 9 Penn’s 2V4+ and No. 11 Duke’s 3V4+.

“At this point in the season, there are no easy races, says Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “We came out on the wrong side of a few really close battles, and we learned a lot today. Our team has tons of grit, and I know we can come back strong tomorrow.”

For information on all results, click the link here.

Up next, Clemson will compete on day two of the Lake Wheeler Invite tomorrow in Raleigh, N.C.

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  • V8+ 2nd place of 5 (06:43.204)
  • 2V8 2nd place of 5 (06:51.240)
  • 3V8+ 2nd place of 4 (07:16.709)
  • V4+ 2nd place of 5 (07:32.198)
  • 2V4+ 2nd place of 5 (07:49.880)


  • V8+ 4th place of 6 (06:43.688)
  • 2V8 3rd place of 6 (06:51.365)
  • 3V8+ 2nd place of 5 (07:10.448)
  • V4+ 3rd place of 6 (07:39.394)
  • 2V4+ 4th place of 6 (07:55.783)

Clemson Lineups:

Kate Hadley (Cox), Rachel Twitty (Stroke), Anna Luttrell, Lori Belanger, Isabel Velasquez, Pepper Kolman, Claudia Scherbin, Ellie Loehrer, Meghan McLean

Julia Walsh (Cox), Lucia Coutant (Stroke), Abby Dutton, Chloe O’Brien, Gabby Babin, Amelia Rinehart, Amelia Anglin, Emerey Sampson, Hannah Hayes

Kristen Dutkin/Lauren Crumley (Cox), Josie Bonamy (Stroke), Alexis Holliday, Deanna Caceres, Emma Frohnapfel, Elizabeth Murphy, Ivey May, Ellen Harcum, Nora Ryan

Christina Minyo (Cox), Avery Howard (Stroke), Jaysen Hall, Caroline Emerson, Karli Robinson

Salma Shaalan (Cox), Maddie Scarlett (Stroke), Maddie O’Neill, Summer Ratley, Emma Randolph