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Nov 23, 2019

Clemson Closes Out Season in NCAA Second Round

Los Angeles, Calif. – The Clemson women’s soccer team closed out their season after a 0-5 loss to the two-seeded UCLA Bruins. The Tigers end their 2019 campaign with 11-7-2 record after reaching the second round for the fourth time in five years. Clemson celebrates its six seniors with Sandy MacIver, Mackenzie Smith, Dani Antieau, Sarah Osborne, Julie Mackin and Patrice DiPasquale closing out their time with the program against the Bruins. 

The Bruins quickly opened up the scoring log in the fifth minute and would go on to tally three more goals in the first half. UCLA’s four goals would come off of nine first half shots with seven landing on target. The Tigers’ lone shot in the first half would come off the foot of Smith.

The second half got off to a slow start for both sides despite the Tigers adding five more shots and two corner kick chances in the final 45 minutes of play. However, the Bruins added one more goal to their total in the 74th minute. 

With the Tigers’ season ending, UCLA will go on to face the three-seeded Wisconsin Badgers on Sunday, Nov. 24 in the Round of 16 at Wallis Annenberg Stadium in Los Angeles. 

Head Coach Eddie Radwanski...



“You always want to leave a place a little bit better and this group of seniors has. They all have bright futures ahead both on and off the field. You’re going to miss the love and joy that they bring to the team as well as their personalities. That’s the tough part as a coach is that you miss them as people.”

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