Clemson Baseball Postgame Quotes

May 19, 2000

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“It’s just an unbelievable game. We had some definite, big time, clutch hits. (Derik) Goffena’s home run was big. Certainly, (Mark) Teixeira’s hit up the alley in the ninth to tie the game was big. I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get it tied or go ahead. I was really worried that we would come back so far and couldn’t tie it and go ahead. But we finally got it tied in the ninth inning. We’re just fortunate that they helped you a little bit to get the go ahead run to win it. It was just a wild and wooly game.”

(On being down 7-0) “When we were down 7-0, I told Rhett Parrott that he was going to have to suck it up and put some zeros on the board. I did not want to waste any pitchers after three innings. We got 121 pitches out of him. I had made my mind up to go to Andy (Mitchell) and I was just going to try to staff the game from there an inning at a time period. Then we got the runs to get back into it 7-6. I said “I’m going to shoot my horse right here and get (Jeff) Watchko in the game. Other than the home run to (Mike) Calitri, he pitched great. He threw strikes and made them swing the bats.”


“We had our chances. We had our lead and couldn’t hold it. When you can’t hold the lead you find yourself scrambling at the very end. We didn’t get great defense tonight at different times. We had opportunities to make plays and we didn’t make them when we had to. Against a good team like Georgia Tech, you have to be able to make those plays.”

Can you win three game in the next 24 hours? – “Sure we do. Just like everybody else. We’re a good team. We just have to come out and win tomorrow afternoon and then figure out a way to win tomorrow night and Sunday.”