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Clemson Athletics Style & Branding Guide

Clemson Athletics Style & Branding Guide

Clemson Athletics Style & Branding Guide

The Clemson brand is one of the most recognizable in collegiate athletics. From our distinct colors to the unique Tiger Paw logo, Clemson athletics is immediately identifiable. Our brand is BOLD, POWERFUL and STRONG. It is steeped in tradition and accessible to our constituents. Since the creation of the Tiger Paw in 1970, it has been imperative for our organization to protect our marks and visual identity; and as we continue to expand the reach of Clemson Athletics, it remains of vital importance for us to coordinate our brand and visual identity to ensure proper usage. We have created this guide to both accomplish those goals and to make use of our marks and fonts convenient to those internal and external to our athletic department. Our goal is to reinforce consistent application of our brand elements as we continue to build upon the strength of the Clemson brand. By providing the colors, logos, fonts and individual sport marks, we hope to make it more accessible and valuable to our partners. Please contact the Clemson Athletic Communications department for additional information.

  • Download the Complete Guide (PDF)
  • Download the Quick Reference Guide (PDF)