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Clemson Athletics Recognized for Gender Equity

May 27, 2008

CLEMSON – The NCAA has recognized Clemson University’s Athletic Department with a Diversity in Athletics Award in the category of Gender Equity Compliance.

Award winners were determined through independent research conducted by the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport at Texas A&M University. Gender-equity compliance was based on the proportion of female athletes relative to the proportion of female undergraduates. Winners of the award were within one percent of equality between these two proportions.

At Clemson, 45.7 percent of the undergraduate student population is female, and 45.5 percent of student-athletes on varsity sports teams are female.

“Clemson is very proud to receive this recognition,” said Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips. “Dating back to the creation of Title IX, athletics has been a good vehicle for women to achieve equity on college campuses, in administrative roles, as coaches and as student-athletes. This award is highly significant for our Athletic Department.”

Six other schools in NCAA Division I were recognized for gender-equity compliance: Bucknell University; the University of California, Riverside; the University of Michigan; the University of Richmond; the University of Southern California; and Washington State University.