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Clemson Athletic Department Introduces “Tiger Tags” Program

Clemson Athletic Department Introduces “Tiger Tags” Program

June 15, 2010

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson Athletic Department will become one of the first collegiate athletic organizations to introduce a new interactive feature for fans with internet-ready smartphones with the “Tiger Tags” initiative. The program is designed to enhance fans’ experiences in and around Clemson sports with the use of the TagReader application by Microsoft, available for free on all phones with access to the internet.

The department will use a bar code system on several promotional items that will allow fans to access schedules, exclusive video, press releases, and other IPTAY initiatives through the use of their smart phone camera.

“We are very excited about the potential of the Tiger Tags program to supplement our fan experiences,” said Director of Marketing, Mike Money. “Tiger Tags will allow fans inside access to our programs and convenient access to first-hand information about athletic department initiatives. Clemson is one of the first collegiate programs to adopt this technology, and we are very excited about the potential to reach our fantastic fanbase.”

The program will allow the sports information and marketing departments a new way of connecting with fans and providing them with relevant, timely information, on their phones. There are currently more than 45 million active smartphones in the United States with internet capabilities. This program will allow the Athletic Department an unprecedented way of reaching out to fans, donors, and students.

“Sports Information is very encouraged by the opportunities of the TagReader program and Tiger Tags,” said Jeff Kallin, Assistant Director of Sports Information. “We are excited about the possibilities of the promotion of our programs and the potential to allow the general public a direct look at the talented student-athletes and staff that represent the Clemson brand. We have ambitious plans in using the technology, and it is our goal to find many ways to bring our information directly to our audience in the first person.”

Clemson will be one of the only collegiate athletic organizations using this technology, and the possibilities for bringing fans the information they want and need at their convenience will be an advantage of the program.

Clemson will not text message, call, or email a subscriber based on this service, as it does not collect this type of personal information. It costs nothing for users, and fans are encouraged to seek out and share the links anywhere they seem them.

Instructions for use: 1. Go to “” on your cell phone, Blackberry, Android OS, or iPhone. 2. Download the linked application at this website and install it to your phone. 3. Look for `Tiger Tags’ in game programs, stadium settings, and publications. 4. Use the application to scan the bar codes. 5. Take advantage of the exclusive highlights, interviews, previews, and information during games, in the stadiums and arenas.