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Clemson 14th in Current Sears Cup Standings

Clemson 14th in Current Sears Cup Standings

March 21, 2002

Clemson, SC – The Clemson athletic program is ranked 14th in the nation in the latest Sears Director’s Cup All-Sports Standings. The Clemson program has scored 250 points so far this year.

Stanford leads the way with 645.5 points, while Colorado is second at 481. North Carolina is the highest ranked ACC school with 454.5 points, and is third overall nationally. Clemson is second among the ACC institutions.

Clemson received a boost recently by finishing 21st in the women’s indoor track national championships and seventh in the men’s competition. Clemson had scored earlier in men’s and women’s soccer.

The Tigers should score more points in upcoming standings. The Tigers will receive points for the women’s basketball team’s participation in the NCAA Tournament. Clemson is also currently ranked second in the nation in baseball and golf.

Clemson’s highest final finish in the Sears Director’s Cup standings is 16th, in 1993-94. Clemson was 25th in 1997-98, the last time Clemson had a top 25 finish. Clemson was 34th last year with 472 points.

Sears Director’s Cup Standings (As of March 21, 2002)

Rk Team Points 1. Stanford 645.5 2. Colorado 481 3. North Carolina 454.5 4. BYU 361.5 5. UCLA 361 6. Florida 348 7. Texas 297.5 8. Arkansas 289 9. Nebraska 285 10. Notre Dame 282.5 11. Tennessee 257.5 12. Arizona 256 13. South Carolina 255 14. Clemson 250 15. Oregon 247.5 16. LSU 245 17. Michigan State 243 18. Texas A&M 236.5 19. Virginia 234 20. Maryland 228