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Chey Christie Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Aug. 23, 2001

Below are Chey Christie’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Chey for his time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”.


Chey, What current or former ACC player would you most compare your talents to?Richard Edwards Easley, SC

I would probably compare myself to Joe Forte. The way he scores. He seems to always find a way to score whether it’s midrange, from three, or taking it to the basket.

Chey, Over the past couple of years the students and the fans have called their favorite player by a nickname like “Juice”, “Boogie”, or “Big-O”. Do you have a nickname that the fans call you?Matt Cook Spartanburg, SC

C Squared. (Chey Christie)

Chey, Congratulations on all of your awards that you have received. How much of an effect did Tony going to Clemson have on you wanting to become a Tiger. Good Luck!Bryan Leesville, SC

It had a big effect on my coming to Clemson. When I was young I used to come to the games, and see how exciting they were, and see how good the competition in the ACC was, and I just loved the atmosphere here at Clemson.

Chey, Tell us a little about your fellow freshman. Have y’all played together much, and what can we expect out of them?Danny Newnan Greenville, SC

Well, the older guys that played last year say that we are going to add a lot of athleticism and be quicker than we were last year. Jemere is very versatile. At about 6’7″, he can play inside or outside. He just plays hard. Olu is probably about 6’5″ and 260 lbs. He is just big. He is really hard to guard because if you put a guy his height on him, he is going to go right by him because he is so quick. If you put a smaller guy on him, he is going to take him down low and post him up. Steve is more of a down low player where on the offensive boards he is going to get you a lot of rebounds and put backs and finishes. And Sharrod runs the court better than a lot of big men in the ACC and that is going to make the game faster and he finishes great. When we play against the older guys, we give them a good run.

Chey, Is there one venue in the ACC you are really looking forward to playing in?Rick Shumpert Duluth, GA

Well, Duke, Maryland, and North Carolina come to mind, but I really like all of them. The ACC is a great atmosphere everywhere you play.

Chey, A lot of people talk about “football schools” or “basketball school” with Clemson always being labeled a “football school”. (I personally think that Clemson IS a basketball school during basketball season) My question is, will it bother you that people don’t talk only basketball all year round like they do at Duke or St. Johns or somewhere like that?Billy Mumphry Central, SC

No. I think as a school it makes it better all around. When it’s baskeball season the fans come out, and when it’s football season the fans come out. I just think it’s better to have a school where the fans come out in every season and support the program in season.

Chey, What upperclassmen do you see yourself looking toward for advice and mentoring?Bill Peed Anderson, SC

Jamar. During the summer when we were playing, he would give me a lot of advice. He would give me general tips or certain moves or whatever I needed. He’ll be a good leader.

Go Tigers! Chey Christie

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” will be Heisman Trophy Candidate Woodrow Dantzler.