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Changes To Matching Gift Program For IPTAY

Changes To Matching Gift Program For IPTAY

During the IPTAY 2015 year that ended on June 30, the employers of IPTAY donors contributed nearly one million dollars through the IPTAY Matching Gift Program.  The matching gift program offered by many employers is a great way to increase your support of IPTAY while upgrading your annual membership level which benefits you, the donor, in terms of priority ranking for ticket and parking assignments and increasing your priority points.  While this program is a great benefit to IPTAY, the information below outlines the changes to the matching gift acceptance guidelines so that gifts are received on time, pledges are fulfilled and that we are being consistent in our ticket/parking policies for all annual fund donors.

IPTAY Matching Gift Guidelines

·Matching Gifts – Your employer may sponsor a matching gift program that will match your gift to IPTAY.  Please visit with your employer’s human resources representative to determine if 1) they have a matching gift program and 2) will they match your contributions to IPTAY.  Many companies provide their matching gift eligibility information online via the Clemson University Matching Gift Employer Database, but your employer’s HR department has the most up to date forms and information.

·Annual IPTAY Membership – IPTAY members that submit a matching gift form along with their annual donation will have their annual giving level reflect the total amount pledged; your personal contribution plus the anticipated amount being matched by your employer. For example, if you personally donate $800 and your company will match 100% of your gift then your total commitment is $1600 and you will be placed at the Tiger level for that annual IPTAY year.

·Matching Gift Pledge Balances – IPTAY members are urged to submit their annual donation (especially for those that purchase season tickets to football, basketball or baseball) along with their matching gift forms early in the IPTAY fiscal year that starts July 1. By donating early and submitting your forms, or online request via your employer, you can make certain that all funds that you are committing for that annual giving cycle will be donated in full by the IPTAY priority giving deadline of June 15.  IPTAY members will be responsible for donating the full committed amount by June 15, including matching gift balances, prior to receiving tickets and/or parking passes for the 2016 season.

·Matching Gift Donations – If IPTAY hasn’t received the matching gift portion of your total pledge by June 15, you will be required to donate the full balance to remain at your pledged giving level. If your matching gift is received after June 15, it will be applied to the next IPTAY fiscal year.  This one year correction will make certain that your pledge balance will always be on time going forward.  Your employer will be able to provide you with their matching gift timeline so that you can be certain that the portion being donated by your employer will be made before the June 15 deadline.

·Priority Points – Your priority point total will include your matching gift once the funds are received and processed by the IPTAY gift processing team.  This is yet another reason we encourage you to submit your personal donation along with your matching gift request early in the IPTAY fiscal year so that you will have your maximized priority point total when seating and parking assignments are made in June of 2016.

·Non Annual Fund Gifts to IPTAY – Matching gifts programs vary widely regarding their eligibility for academic scholarships, athletics fundraising, capital projects and payments on existing pledges. If you have any questions about how your matching gift can be used, please contact Jill Richard at or by calling 1-800-CLEMSON. She, along with university matching gift coordinators, can help you maximize your support for IPTAY and Clemson University.