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Policies & Procedures

·        Background Check Process

·        Camp Manual

·        Camp Health Plan (checklist)

·        Camp Staff Orientation (checklist)

·        Camper Orientation (checklist)

·        Camp Staff Screening-Training (checklist)

·        Camp Checkout Protocol (sample)

·        Camp Safety: CUAD Facility Severe Weather Plans

·        Camp Safety: CUAD Facility Medical Emergency Plans

·        Camp Personal Interview Protocol (sample)

·        Clemson University PCPO Operating Standards

·        NCAA Rules and Guidelines for Camps, Clinics & Clubs

·       Short-Term Insurance Insurance Instructions for Non-SC Residents

·       Short-Term Insurance Plan, Details and Rates

·       Short-Term Insurance Notice to Campers

·       Short-Term Insurance Policies and Procedures


·        Camp Employment Form

·        Camp Request

·        Camp Insurance – Aegis Claim Form

·        Camp Insurance – Payment Form

·        Student-Athlete Employment

·        CU Accident-Incident Report Form

·        CU Health History Form A

·        CU Health History Form B

·        CU Parental Permission and Release of Liability Form

·        Camp Personal Interview Completion Form

·        CUAD Camp Report

·        CUAD Reference Check Form

·        Disclosure Statement Form

·        Short-Term Insurance Application