Bradley LeCroy’s Answers To Ask The Tigers

June 12, 2000

Below are Bradley LeCroy’s answers to Ask The Tigers. LeCroy is with the Clemson baseball team in Omaha, Neb. participating in the College World Series. The senior took time out from his schedule to sit down and answer selected questions from Clemson fans. thanks the fans who submitted questions and Bradley for answering them.

David H. Sandler, University City, Mo. Bradley, I was your GM in Florence in ’98. Congrats to you and Casey on a great season. Good luck this weekend.

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer Thanks Dave, its been a great run and it all has to do with me and Casey playing in Florence. Are you still there? Thanks for writing in and hopefully we can win it all.

Joe Redlinger, Pittsburgh, Pa. What was the atmosphere like in the locker room as you prepared to play the first game of the College World Series Friday vs. San Jose State? Hope you guys take it all the way! GO TIGERS!

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer The locker room was really relaxed. Coach Leggett told us just to play our game and relax. He said the biggest thing about playing here is to be relaxed and not get tight and that’s how we played and it worked so maybe we can keep it rolling.

Ben Chreitzberg, III, Kernersville, N.C. No question. Good luck. I would like to celebrate a national championship in front of my Tar Heel friends.

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer That would be great to celebrate a national championship in Tigertown and especially for you in front of all those Tar Heels.

Brian Bunton, Clemson, S.C. First, congratulations on an outstanding year. You’ve been a major part of the Tigers’ success. My question is: what are your plans after college? Thanks and good luck in the CWS.

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer Thanks! My plans for after school are to keep playing ball. I was hoping to get drafted but it didn’t happen so I am planning to play this summer in the Frontier League in the Midwest, it is an independent league so it is just like playing A ball. Hopefully I will play good enough to get picked up. I have 20 hours left in school so after I graduate I plan to get into college coaching.

Jody Haltiwanger, Prosperity, S.C. Bradley, Being from S.C., describe the rivalry against USC. You always seem to play well against them and I know it means a lot to you.

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer Coach Halt thanks for writing in. The USC rivalry is really undescribable, but it is the best thing I have ever been apart of, especailly if we win. I know that you are a Gamecock fan and I know you enjoyed this year. I really can’t expain why I play good aginst them, but I guess it would have to be that I just get so focused and it brings out the best in me.

James Lovell, Clover, S.C. Since I live near Fort Mill, I enjoyed watching my Tigers in the tournament. We have tons of talent, but I know we would be better with a little enthusiastic chatter. The infield was very quiet and gave the pitcher very little encourgement. Do you agree? If so, please instigate. I wish you (us) the absolute best in Omaha and would welcome a litte rah-rah CWS championship. Regards & good fortune!!

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer You are probably right but I think that we talk some but, you can’t talk too much because you have got to concentrate on your spot on the field. Hopefully we can bring all of our fans a national title.

George Vaughan, Norcross, Ga. Bradley, I have noticed that when you approach the batter’s box, you always seem to place a “cross” in the dirt by using your bat. I am curious to know if it is a “cross” and are you a Christian?

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer Yes, that is a cross because I am a Christian and I want God to know that every thing that I do is for him either good or bad. Thanks for noticing.

Tee Suber, Whitmire, S.C. Bradley, first of all congratulations on the trip to Omaha and a great season in which you were very important to the team. You brought a lot to the team and provided many skills while being patient to get your turn. I noticed at the regional this weekend that Coach Leggett was pulling his starting pitchers fairly quickly in order to keep the Bulldogs from getting too far ahead. Obviously, the strategy worked very well. I was wondering how impatient he is about you guys at the plate or with miscues on the bases and how much he stresses getting in the winners bracket in Omaha. Also, do the rest of your teammates realize how important the winners’ bracket is to bringing the championship to Tigertown. Finally, best of luck in Omaha and I wish you all the best in your endeavors after your career.

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer Yes, I do think coach pulled them for that reason and it is very important to win that first game in Omaha. The thing about the plate, coach knows what kind of pitchers we hit best and the ones we don’t. He might pull you from the lineup if you miss a sign or do not get a bunt down.

Andrew Johnson, Anderson, S.C. I heard from some of the other fans that you had a thumb injury causing it to swell. I was just wondered if it is better and what happened to give you a swollen thumb.

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer My thumb is a lot better and is doing great, I hurt it when I was catching in a scrimmage and caught the ball wrong. Thanks for asking about my thumb.

William T. Barnett, Knoxville, Tenn. No question Bradley, just do it. See that ball hit the bat and we’ll be pulling for you and the team. “Hang loose”. Bill Barnett

Bradley LeCroy’s Answer Thanks for the tip and hopefully it will work and hopefully we will bring back all our fans a national title.