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Feb 09, 2021

Clemson Athletics Black History: Herman McGee

Herman McGee never scored a run, never got a hit, and never coached a team,  but he was the first African American to be inducted into the Clemson Hall of Fame. Those who worked with him, would never have a problem with that statement.

McGee worked for Clemson for 46 years between 1934-80, still the longest  tenure in history among athletic department administrators.

McGee served as an assistant athletic trainer from 1934-48, was the head athletic trainer from 1948-57, was the equipment manager and assistant athletic trainer from 1958-69 and an assistant athletic trainer and head baseball trainer from 1969-80. In an unofficial capacity, he also was a leader of the Block C Club, the organization Bob Mahony runs today.

His most responsibility was as the baseball trainer.  He worked with Bill Wilhelm’s team from the beginning of Wilhelm’s tenure in 1958 until McGee died suddenly in 1980.

Former Clemson All-American Joe Bostic put McGee’s contribution into perspective. “He was royalty to me.  He was the heart and soul of what Clemson was all about.”