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Beyond the Game – Robert Jolly

Beyond the Game – Robert Jolly

Note: The following appears in the December issue of Orange: The Experience. For full access to all of the publication’s content, join IPTAY today by calling 864-656-2115.

Q. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?A. Hopefully working within a community…trying to make a difference the best that I can in the lives of others.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?A. My father. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t know my father, first of all, but also, even if they didn’t know I was his son, they never had anything bad to say about him. He’s always been loving, caring, considerate of others…and he’s made a difference in so many people’s lives that it’s inspiring. If I could be half the man he is, then I’d be doing something right in life.

Q. If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why?A. I would want to have dinner with two people. One would be Billy Graham because of how he impacted a lot of lives and was a pioneer, and the other would be Bill McCartney (former Colorado football coach), because he was a respected coach and person beyond sports.

Why did you choose Clemson?A. It’s just a different atmosphere. The family atmosphere really drew me. I wanted to go to a place where, if baseball was taken away from me, I would want to stay there and go to school there no matter what.

Q. Why baseball?A. I started from such a young age. My dad is a high school baseball coach, so it was in my blood.

Q. How has baseball impacted your life?A. It’s given me so many opportunities to meet and become friends with so many great people. A lot of the best relationships I’ve had have been through baseball and the platform I’ve been given as a baseball player.

Q. What would you title the current chapter of your life?A. Perspective.

Q. What is one word to describe your Clemson experience?A. Shaping.

Q. What has been your favorite memory at Clemson?A. Winning the ACC championship (in 2016) is one of the best memories on the field. Off the field, it’s being able to live and room with my two best friends (Sawyer Jordan, Hunter Renfrow) who I grew up with.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about the 2018 season?A. Just trying to enjoy it. I think I’ll have a different perspective being a senior…this could be your last year playing. I’m really going to try to exhaust the moment and not take anything for granted and enjoy every aspect of the ups and downs of a baseball season and not let it go to waste at all.

Q. If you could tell the Clemson family one thing, what would you tell them?A. Thank you for all the support that you show us and give us. The Clemson family is made up of the people inside of it, and without them, it wouldn’t be the same. Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help me and provide for me, from the facilities to the support. I know that you always have my back, so I try to give back to you as much as I can.