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Beyond the Game – Moseley

Beyond the Game – Moseley

Note: The following appears in the September issue of Orange: The Experience. For full access to all of the publication’s content, join IPTAY today by calling 864-656-2115.

Q. Where are you from?A. I am from the Greenville, South Carolina area. I went to Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville.

Q. What is your major?A. I major in biological sciences with a minor in psychology.

Q. What are your parents’ occupations?A. My dad is an electrical engineer at Michelin and my mom works in the library at Hillcrest Middle School, where I went to middle school.

Q. Do you have any siblings?A. I have an older sister who went to Clemson. She graduated in 2014. She is now in physical therapy school at UTMB in Galveston, Texas.

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?A. Somebody who has pushed me my whole life is my high school volleyball coach, Lynn Avant. She has always been there. I have known her since I was in sixth grade.

Q. Why did you choose to attend Clemson?A. I wanted to go somewhere that had great academics. Originally, I did not want to play volleyball because I did not think that I could play at a big enough school where I would want to go academically. But then I had the opportunity to walk on here at Clemson, which is a great academic school, and I knew that the best of both worlds could happen.

Q. What has been your favorite memory as a Clemson student?A. Beating Georgia Tech last year. When we won, it felt like we had just won a national championship. It was so great to finally win a match. I will never forget how happy we were. It made me appreciate winning a little more.

Q. What are you most excited about for your senior season?A. We have gotten over a rebuilding period from last year, so I’m really excited to see how all of the pieces are coming together. We are so much better at the coach’s system than we were last year.

Q. How did you become involved with volleyball?A. My older sister played, so I just hopped in with her. The coaches would let me do stuff on the side. It was not until sixth grade that I played on my first club team.

Q. How has playing college volleyball influenced your life?A. It has given me something to focus on other than academics, because if I had not played, it would have just been school all of the time. Volleyball has given me 16 of my closest friends every year and an outlet other than school. It has obviously taken up a lot of time, but it is so worth it. It is rewarding and something to keep me active.

Q. What are you hobbies?A. I like being outside. During the summer, I go to the pool or the lake or go hiking.

Q. What is your favorite class at Clemson?A. One I took last semester, sensation & perception, was really interesting. It is basically about how you relate to your environment and how you perceive things. It was really cool.

Q. What do you love most about the Clemson area?A. I like the college-town feel. It is not in a giant city with roads and streets going through it. Everyone who is here is somehow invested in Clemson. They have so much Clemson pride and Clemson spirit. Wherever I go, it is all orange and purple.

Q. What are you going to miss most about being a Clemson athlete?A. The people. It is really easy to be handed 16 best friends on a plate and seeing them every day and being around them 24/7, like a family. It is going to be weird not to have that wherever I go next.

Q. What are your post-graduation aspirations?A. I plan on going to medical school next year. I have already applied to schools. Hopefully, somewhere will accept me and I can go to medical school.

Q. What inspired you to want to pursue that career?A. I have always known that I wanted to do something involving science or math. I realized that I wanted to do something that I could help people with.

Q. How do envision your life 10 years from now?A. I see myself as a doctor. I will have just gotten out of residency, because medical school is four years and residency is another four years. So I will be a brand-new doctor on my own. I hope that I am practicing somewhere.

Q. What lasting impact do you hope to make on the world?A. I want to change people’s lives in a pleasant way and help them through hard times. Obviously, anyone who goes to a hospital or goes to see a doctor has something wrong, so I want to make that easier to deal with.