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Behind-the-Scenes with Cole and Vic

Behind-the-Scenes with Cole and Vic

(Video feature above/below; Credit: Nik Conklin, Clemson Athletic Communications)

By Jonathan Gantt / Clemson Athletic Communications

“How much pressure do you feel trying to fill the shoes of Tajh Boyd?”

“What made you decide to come back to Clemson for your senior year?”

“What does Clemson have to do to beat Florida State this year?”

At the ACC Kickoff event on Sunday, Cole Stoudt and Vic Beasley answered these questions and more. A lot more.

They answered the inquiries above dozens of times, to the point that they probably recited their responses in their minds as their heads hit that pillow that night.

It’s understood that playing a marquee position or being named an All-American means a greater spotlight. But it still should be noted when a player handles that spotlight well. And Clemson fans should feel proud knowing that their offensive and defensive leaders handled the spotlight just fine.

They sat in front of ESPN, FOX Sports, groups of writers and TV crews and ran the gauntlet of radio row interviews. From 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., they talked, and talked…and talked. It’s a safe bet that the soft-spoken Beasley has never in his life said that many words in a single day.

“I’m hurting,” Stoudt joked after his final interview.

“Yeah, I’m exhausted,” added Beasley.

Guessing conditioning drills won’t seem quite as bad this week.