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Become An IPTAY Representative!

Become An IPTAY Representative!

Becoming an IPTAY Representative is easy.  IPTAY is always looking for IPTAY donors that are want to give back more than their annual donation by encouraging other Tiger fans to become IPTAY donors.  There are 3 qualifications for becoming an IPTAY REP:

  1. You must have a personal IPTAY account that is at a current priority giving level ($140 or above) for that IPTAY giving year.

  2. Bring in at least 1 NEW IPTAY donor at a priority level each IPTAY giving year.  This can be someone that hasn’t ever been an IPTAY donor or someone that has reactivated their account with your help.

  3. Be a positive ambassador for Clemson University and its athletic programs.

If you meet these criteria then you have what it takes to be an IPTAY Representative.  As a small thank you for your efforts to increase annual support of Clemson Athletics through IPTAY contributions you will be invited to attend events that give you access to facilities, coaches, closed to the public practice/scrimmages and athletic administrators.  These events are tailored to educate and thank you for your role as an IPTAY Representative.  IPTAY Representatives are also part of the RUN rewards program where you can earn credits to spend in the IPTAY REP online store based on your successful solicitation of a new donor and the continued gifts from donor’s you represent.

If you would like to become an IPTAY Representative please complete the form below and return to IPTAY PO BOX 1529 CLEMSON, SC 29633 or send via email to Jason Wilson at  

Click here for the IPTAY Representative form