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Basketball Strength & Conditioning

Clemson’s strength training center in the Huckabee Annex of Littlejohn Coliseum has all the modern equipment in the industry. The facility is nearly 4,000 square feet, making it among the most spacious “basketball-only” strength training facilities in the nation.  The facility is eight times as large as what had been used prior to the 2002-03 season.

Space is one of its biggest selling points. There are more work stations than the number of student-athletes, meaning there is no waiting in line to use equipment and the entire team can work in the facility at the same time.

The facility also features four 42-inch LCD televisions with sound system and video capabilities that make for a pleasant work environment for very strenuous activity.The facility includes five platforms and racks, Keiser functional and performance trainers, a cardio section, adjustable pulley stations, an Atlantis leg curl, a stretching/treatment table, a TRUE Stretch Cage, a medicine ball section, a nutrition bar, a dumbbell area, and many other training devices.

The facility also includes a state-of-the-art heart rate system which allows coaches to monitor athletes’ heart rates while conditioning. This system, which is very popular in the NBA, ensures optimal results for Clemson’s players. The Tigers are one of few programs in the nation that use the system.

The Tigers also have the luxury of using a Lateral Lightning system, which is the best defensive simulation in the industry. Lateral Lightning is a revolutionary quickness training tool and Clemson was the first major college basketball program to use this advanced system.  It should come as no surprise, considering the Tigers’ full-court style of play and pressure defense.

Lastly, the facility includes a pair of Vertimax Systems to help with the student-athletes’ vertical jump.