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B-Nice in the Big Easy

B-Nice in the Big Easy

March 29, 2012

Ok, due to technical difficulties, I’m writing this blog on my phone so please excuse my brevity on some of it. This is to catch you up from the rest of yesterday.

Wednesday, 12:30 PM – “The Arrival” I arrived to New Orleans from Charlotte and wouldn’t you know it, they sent a limo to pick me (and four other people) up from the airport. That’s how you make a good first impression! We finally get to the hotel and then we are mainly just checking in and getting settled. I went and grabbed some Arby’s because it was in walking distance from the hotel. It did its job and satisfied my hunger, but I wasn’t in love with it.

Wednesday, 5:15 PM – “Acclimate” We arrived at the arena for interviews, a photo shoot, and to get a feel for the arena. My main job going into an arena for a dunk contest is to figure out what outside props I can use. You have to go into a dunk contest with some sort of plan, and then a backup to that plan. If I can throw it off of a wall or a clock/scoreboard, then I’m going to do that because it adds to the appeal of a dunk just because I was crazy enough to think about that.

There is also a cat-mouse game going on between the dunkers in that everyone is saying they don’t have anything planned out (even little James Justice who has at least a 50″ vertical tried saying that, we saw him practically kiss the rim and put his arms in the rim on one warm-up dunk). I let a little bit of my creativity slip, but there will still be an element of surprise. Then again, I’m going out here to have fun and the atmosphere is really going to be key in adding to that.

More updates to come the closer we get to game time.

His Glory Alone, Bryan “B-Nice” Narcisse

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