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B.J. LaMura Chat Wrap

B.J. LaMura Chat Wrap

April 24, 2002

George (Atlanta): B.J. – the Clemson Tigers are awesome. You guys are on the road to Omaha. How is the injury situation? Is Jarrod Schmidt hurt? Haven’t see his name in box score since Western Carolina game. B.J. LaMura: (1:59 PM ET ) No, unfortunately Jarrod’s grandfather passed away and he was up in Chicago. He came back on Monday and played with us last night. He is with us on our trip to Columbia. Clint (Clemson): B.J., You guys are facing some of the nation’s best teams right now in Carolina and Wake. How will this experience help when it comes crunch time in the playoffs? Go Tigers! B.J. LaMura: (2:03 PM ET ) With the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament coming up it is going be very good for us to play teams of this caliber. Playing these games will help us know what types of battles we are going to have to face to win these types of games. This will help us reach our ultimate goal of a national championship. Jimmy Aylward: My family and I enjoyed watching you play in the CCBL in Falmouth. Will you return to the cape this summer if not what are your plans? You have a great future ahead of you. B.J. LaMura: (2:05 PM ET ) Still really do not know what my situation will be this summer. Let’s see what happens in June. I would like to go back and play in the Cape again this summer if I have the opportunity. Samantha, Clemson: Hi B.J.! What has been your best moment on the field this year? Good luck this weekend!

B.J. LaMura: (2:06 PM ET ) Probably having my first ACC win against NC State. It was a big for us because we had lost the day before and coming back and winning that game helped us win the series. That has been my best moment so far this season.

Smyrna: My son is a senior in high school. He is 6’2″ and 145 lbs. What do you suggest for weight gain? Also he has been clocked at 85mph. What do you do to increase velocity? B.J. LaMura: (2:09 PM ET ) I guess eating the right foods and putting the right things in your body. You need to make sure you balance your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. You can definitely put on some weight by eating correctly. Getting on some kind of weight training program will help too. Velocity will come with increased strength and weight. Colin (Atlanta): Great job so far BJ! My question is, does the team have any specific areas they want to improve on before the postseason? Also, what’s the overall team mood right now with some tough series coming up? Thx, and GO TIGERS ALL THE WAY TO OMAHA AND WIN!!! B.J. LaMura: (2:11 PM ET ) Right now we still as a team have not played on all cylinders. We are getting better every game. We are excited for these tough series coming up. They are going to be very good college baseball games. The attitude of the team is very positive and we are looking forward to going out and playing. JAY(EASLEY,SC): B.J., What made you decide to come to Clemson and what adjustments have to had to make since you got here? B.J. LaMura: (2:15 PM ET ) I was recruited out of high school by Coach Corbin. I really liked the campus and the coaching staff. I learned about the school from hearing about players like Billy Koch who is up from my area. B.J. LaMura: (2:18 PM ET ) The adjustments from living in New York to living in South Carolina was a little different because of the pace of life. The baseball was the biggest adjustment. The pace of the game and the type of play were probably the biggest adjustments. Charleston: BJ, congrats on such a great year so far. What are your thoughts on the upcoming June draft? Also, I’m curious as to if you have an advisor?? B.J. LaMura: (2:19 PM ET ) I really don’t know. I really try not to worry about that. I try to let what I do on the field take care of that. I will wait to see what happens. If nothing happens I will just keep on playing. A . Sorrenson: To: B.J LaMura

Who calls the pitches for the Clemson pitchers during a game, Sullivan, Leggett, or call the pitches during a game B.J. LaMura: (2:20 PM ET ) The pitches are called by the pitcher and the catcher. The pitching coach will call some pitches on occasion, but most of the pitches are called by the pitchers and the catcher.

T Young, Charlotte, NC: I see youre from new york…..Would you rather get drafted by the Yankees or Mets B.J. LaMura: (2:22 PM ET ) I have always been a Yankees fan. I would love to play in that organization. I really just want to play so I will play with anyone that drafts me, but being a die hard Yankee fan I would just love to play in that organization some day. Steve Walker (Oak Ridge): B.J. – Congratulations on your 2.60 ERA. I know you have put forth alot of hardwork to achieve this. How do you feel the Tigers pitching staff will do against #5 South Carolina tonight and then against #3 Wake Forest this weekend? B.J. LaMura: (2:23 PM ET ) I think we will be fine. We just have to pitch our games, get ahead of hitters and throw strikes. We have a great defense behind us. As long as we throw our game we should be fine. Clemson: Do you feel that travelling interferes with your school work? B.J. LaMura: (2:25 PM ET ) It can be. It is definitely hard to do work on the road. It is hard to do work on the bus or in the hotel. You have to find time to do the work though so you don’t fall behind the other students when you get back. Miami, Florida: BJ, do you have a favorite catcher you prefer to throw to, does that make a difference to you. B.J. LaMura: (2:26 PM ET ) No, I feel comfortable throwing to all of the catchers we have. They are capable of doing a good job behind the plate. I don’t have a favorite because I have confidence in all of them. Casey (Madison, NJ): BJ! How does it feel to come into such a big baseball school and be a big time contributer? Let’s Go Tigers! Hope to see you in Omaha! Thanks B.J. LaMura: (2:28 PM ET ) It feels great helping this team win some baseball games and work on its way to its ultimate goal of winning a national championship. It is a great group of guys and it is going to be fun once we hit the home stretch of the season to see what we can accomplish. Moderator: (2:33 PM ET ) That is all the time that B.J. has for us today. Thanks for stopping by to today’s live chat.