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Mar 12, 2019

This is the start. Attention, ROW.

There is no doubt… Rowing is hard.

You push yourself to the edge and then you find another gear.

You have triumphs when feel like you are on top of the world, but you also inevitably face defeat.

Winter training comes, and it’s time to go inside. Blood, sweat and tears become a reality, but it’s all worth it when you ring the bell, or cox a teammate to a personal best.

Sitting at the start line. Referees aligning the boats. Sit up straight. Blade in the water.

In this moment, it’s the hard work you put in all year that helped prepare you for this moment.

It’s showtime.


These moments are only possible because of the hard work put in when family and friends aren’t watching. When it’s just you, your teammates, your coaches, the erg and Lake Hartwell.

You learn to lean on your teammates when it gets hard and you look to them for laughter, support, motivation. They are your best friends, and you have the privilege to be in the same boats, next to each other on the erg, spotter in the weight room, but most importantly, a support system.

It’s time now to show the world what you are made of…. what you have been working towards all year.

This is the start.

Attention… ROW.




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