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Athlon Praises Tiger Paw Logo

Athlon Praises Tiger Paw Logo

By Jonathan Gantt || Clemson Athletic Communications

“There is power in The Paw.”

Clemson fans know this but Athlon Sports showed they agree by ranking the Tiger Paw logo as the second-best in college football, behind only the Longhorn from University of Texas.

Athlon explains why they think so highly of the Paw:

“There are tons of Tigers, Wildcats and Bulldogs in college sports but none use their mascot quite like Clemson. The Tiger Paw print is synonymous with Clemson athletics and is utterly simple but still edgy and creative.”

You can see the full list on Athlon’s site.

The Tiger Paw celebrated its 44th birthday in July and has become easily the most recognizable symbol of Clemson since its creation in 1970.

You can learn more about the Paw’s creation from this story in September 2010.