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Athletics/IPTAY to Partner With Edwards Group to Handle Communication Plan to IPTAY Donors

May 18, 2009

The Clemson University Athletic Department announced today that IPTAY, Clemson’s Athletic Scholarship fundraising organization, will engage in a new partnership to provide a restructuring of its traditional and historic Orange & White publication. IPTAY’s new comprehensive communication plan will provide a higher quality publication with significant savings on printing and mailing costs, as well as an increased timeliness over its current method of informing donors regarding Clemson Athletic information. Each IPTAY Donor will receive eight issues of a glossy, color, high quality coffee table magazine throughout the year which will include student-athlete features, head coach features and IPTAY Donor features. The IPTAY Donor will also receive 37 weekly e-newsletters.

The Clemson University Athletic Department awarded the contract to the Edwards Group, Inc. of Seneca Wednesday, April 29th, after going through the state of South Carolina’s procurement bidding process. The Edwards Group will begin working with IPTAY on July 1st to start the transition of upgrading the print quality, speed and frequency with which IPTAY and Clemson Athletics share information with its donors.

The final edition of the Orange & White will be published in mid-July and will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the IPTAY Scholarship Fund.

The Orange & White has been a landmark for Clemson Athletics information for over 22 years. “We have had a long-standing relationship with the Anderson Independent Mail Publishing Company and we deeply appreciate the efforts of Butch Hughes, Phil Batson, and their staff,” said Executive Director of IPTAY, Bert Henderson.

Following the 75th IPTAY Anniversary Edition to be mailed in mid-July, the Orange & White will no longer be the official publication of IPTAY. Instead, every IPTAY Donor will receive eight issues of our new glossy, full color, high quality magazine throughout the year which will include student-athlete features, head coach features, IPTAY Donor features, and information that will only be available to IPTAY donors.

The glossy print magazine will be delivered eight times throughout the year and will bring to you 64+ pages of insider information that only the Clemson Sports Information Department can deliver. Access and interviews with coaches, student-athletes, and administrators will be featured while continuing to provide a look into your life as an IPTAY donor with family pictures, donor features and IPTAY Representative spotlights. This coffee table magazine will have a longer shelf life than a weekly publication and will be something that you can turn to through the season whenever you need a glimpse into the Clemson experience. This new format will be a first class publication that will showcase to the IPTAY Donor base and friends all that the Clemson experience has to offer.

The new communication plan also includes a real-time distribution of Clemson Athletic and IPTAY news in an electronic transmission via email which will include 37 e-newsletters each year. There will be an opportunity to purchase a print version for IPTAY Donors who are not able to receive electronic communications. As part of the transition to the electronic format, the IPTAY Scholarship Fund will share over half of the $53.70 cost for those that request to receive the weekly printed version and ask the IPTAY Donor to pay $25 for the first year. The shared cost printed version of the e-mail will be phased out after the first year.

“We feel this new communication plan with the Edwards Group gives IPTAY the opportunity to take our communication to our donor base into the 21st century, and provide additional value and quality to our IPTAY Donors,” said Bill D’Andrea, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs. “It is important to note that we feel these opportunities only enhance and improve our communication with our donor base.”

IPTAY Donors are encouraged to verify their email information by logging into their IPTAY online account so that they can take advantage of the new service. The IPTAY online portal can be accessed by clicking on the IPTAY link at Once logged in, IPTAY Donors can change their e-mail address by clicking on “Contact Us” and sending a message with the correct e-mail address. Donors may also call the IPTAY office at 864-656-2115.

“This new direction is in line with the way communication is being conducted. People want information in real time and although during these economic times, saving dollars was a concern because of escalating postage and print cost. However, cost savings was not our primary reason for moving to this format,” said Jim Bostic, President of the IPTAY Board of Directors.

Jerry Edwards, President of the Edwards Group, Inc. said, “We are excited about having this opportunity to deliver Clemson Athletics and IPTAY news to the IPTAY donor base.”

“Just as Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney is ushering in a new era of excitement, commitment and excellence to Clemson football, this partnership between IPTAY and the Edwards Group is the first step toward an advanced age for IPTAY communications,” said Henderson.

For more information, please contact Bert Henderson at (864) 656-2115 or via e-mail at

Sample Cover of New IPTAY Magazine: