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Athletics Facilities Report

Project: Golf Practice FacilityBudget: $ 225,000.00A&E: Freeman & MajorScope: A. Indoor/Covered hitting and putting area B. Film and computerized/video teaching area C. Lights for night use of driving rangeStatus: Completed

Project: Training Room RenovationBudget: $ 750,000.00A&E: DSPScope: A. Hydrotherapy area B. Expanded taping and treatment areas C. Offices for training staff D. Total refurbishment/ceiling, lights, paint, carpetStatus: Completed

Project: Riggs Field/Soccer Locker Room RenovationBudget: $ 150,000.00A&E: DSPScope: Refurbished locker room for Men’s and Women’s Soccer A. New shower/toilet facilities B. New lockers C. Training and taping areas D. Carpet and paint throughoutStatus: Completed

Project: Memorial Stadium Upgrade – East End Zone – Phase IBudget: $ 1.6 millionA&E: Heery International/Craig, Gaulden & DavisScope: A. New sound system B. New brick and wrought iron fencing C. Replace asphalt with concrete and brick pavers D. New display for “The Rock” E. Adjust grades to meet ADA requirements F. Provide expanded area for TV and service truck parkingStatus: Completed

Project: Indoor TrackBudget: $ 3.0 millionA&E: McMillan, Smith & PartnersScope: A. 200-meter 6-lane track B. Field event areas C. Provide versatility/use of building in inclement weather by Football, Soccer, and BaseballStatus: Begin construction by January, 2002

Project: Memorial Stadium Upgrade/West End Zone – Phase IVBudget: $ 18 millionA&E: Heery/Craig, Gaulden & DavisScope: A. New home and visitor’s locker room/support area Training/Equipment B. Officials’ locker room C. Media area/Post-game interviews D. Recruiting area E. Lettermen’s Room F. Restaurant G. “Bridge” between South and North side H. “Fun Zone” I. Additional restroom and concession areasStatus: TBD

Project: Memorial Stadium – Phase III – North Concourse RenovationBudget: $ 4 millionA&E: Heery International/Craig, Gaulden & DavisScope: A. Grading, paving & fencing to match East End Zone B. New restrooms C. New concessions D. New graphics & signage E. New lighting F. Novelty stands G. Ticket boothsStatus: Completion expected prior to 2002 football season

Project: New lights for Memorial Stadium – Phase IIIScope: Design and install new lighting system for Memorial Stadium. System to provide sufficient foot candle levels for televised games without supplementary lighting.Architect: Successful vendor to provide design as part of packageStatus: Project to be bid by construction services division of Clemson University in November of 2001.Estimated Cost: $ 400,000.00Completion: August 2002

Project: Memorial Stadium/Frank Howard Field Upgrade – Phase IIIScope: Bring existing surface up to current accepted standards for Division I football competition. Work to include: A. Remove crown and establish flat playing surface B. Establish sand-based growing medium to facilitate drainage C. Install new grade specific irrigation D. New brick and wrought iron fence at East End Zone. Brick facia on field walls. E. Renovation of existing field (investment) dictates replacement of existing 50+ year old storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines (that serve all of campus) and run directly underneath playing surface. Rerouting of existing lines not feasible because of elevations.Architect: HSM&MStatus: Notice of intent to award has been issuedEstimate Cost: $ 1,000,000Start Date: December 2001Completion: July 2002

Project: Memorial Stadium – South Concourse Renovation – Phase II Project H12-9694-cc-A3Budget: $ 2.5 millionA&E: Heery International/Craig, Gaulden & DavisScope: A. Grading, paving & fencing to match East End Zone B. New restrooms C. New concessions D. New graphics & signage E. New lighting F. Novelty stands G. Ticket boothsStatus: Completed

Project: Athletic Practice Field Upgrades H12-9766-GWBudget: $ 500,000.00A&E: HSMMScope: Regrade, irrigate and sod two new soccer practice fields and three football practice fieldsStatus: Completed

Project: Littlejohn Coliseum Renovation/AnnexBudget: $ 21.5 millionA&E: HOK

Scope:      Renovation                        Annex A.     Improve site lines              Practice courtB.      Widen concourses                Locker rooms/Men's & Women'sC.      Restroom upgrades               Weight & Training FacilitiesD.      Concession Upgrades             Recruiting AreasE.      New seatingF.      ADA complianceG.      New HVAC systemsH.      Storage

Status: Under construction

Project: Baseball Stadium RenovationsBudget: $ 3 millionA&E: HOKScope: A. Continue brick and wrought iron theme from Football B. Additional restroom and concessions areas C. Enlarge dugouts D. Expand circulation area E. Cantilevered overhang for Press Box F. Expand Press BoxStatus: Construction to begin June 2002

Project: Athletic Heritage CenterBudget: $ 20 millionA&E: Corley, Redfoot & Zack/Freeman & MajorScope: A. Locker room/toilets-showers B. Weight Room C. Training/Taping area D. Equipment area E. Team meeting area F. Museum/DisplayStatus: Programming & schematic design in progress Construction to begin January 2003

Project: Jervey Gym/Volleyball ArenaBudget: $100,000Scope: A. New Floor B. Additional bleachersStatus: Completed

Project: Rock Norman Outdoor TrackBudget: $100,000 estimateScope: New Press BoxStatus: Out for bid

Project: Doug Kingsmore Baseball StadiumBudget: $ 80,000Scope: New hitters back drop in centerfieldStatus: Completed