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Ask The Tigers

April 28, 2000

Ask The Tigers

Clemson, S.C.–, the official athletic website of Clemson University, will have a new way for fans to interact with members of the Clemson athletic community with the development of “Ask The Tigers”.

“Ask The Tigers” is a feature on the web site that will allow fans to present questions via email to people who are directly and indirectly associated with Clemson athletics.

Selected questions will be taken from the pool of emailed questions and will be used in an interview of the featured person for that particular week. The questions and answers will be posted on at a predetermined date and time.

“Ask The Tigers” first guest will be Kirk Wood, CEO of Collegiate Sports Partners, Ltd. Wood’s answers will be posted on on Wednesday, May 3 at 2 p.m.

Earlier this year, Collegiate Sports Partners, Ltd was awarded the radio and the coach’s television marketing rights for Clemson University Athletic programs for a five-year period beginning July 1, 2000. Wood and his company oversee the operation of the new Clemson Tiger Network.

In addition to offering radio programming of Clemson sports, Collegiate Sports Partners, Ltd, through its relationship with COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast, will offer live, delay and replay television coverage of Clemson athletic events throughout the year. COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast is the first all college sports cable television network and is available to-cable subscribers throughout the southeastern region of the United States.

Wood has been CEO of Collegiate Sports Partners, Ltd for seven years and has 15 years of experience in the sports marketing field.