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Anthony Simmons Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Anthony Simmons Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

July 19, 2001

Below are Anthony Simmons’ answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Anthony for his time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”.

Choice Clip – 07/19/01 Anthony Simmons (:24)

Hey Anthony, How well did Clemson prepare you for life in the NFL? It was fun watching you here, and good luck next season with Levon Kirkland in town!Eric Sprott Clemson, SC

As far as the standpoint of being able to work well with different types of people, people from different backgrounds, its pretty good. Just the level of competition here…every game is a big game…fans give great support especially when your are playing in front of 70,000 – 80,000 people…so that part was no big deal… I was really use to crowd size being that I played here at Clemson.

Anthony, What are your thoughts on the Clemson defense since your departure from Clemson? Joey Davis Aiken, SC

Every year they introduce some great players. I think about all the guys that I came in here with, Trevor, Antwan, etc…It seems its just a different person every year like Keith Adams this past year who was an outstanding defensive player.

Anthony, What is your favorite and least favorite memory on the playing field for the TIGERS?Jason Taylor Woodruff, SC

My Freshman year playing North Carolina State we had a goal line stance…I blasted a guy over the top on first down…second down I hit him again for a loss and we ended up stopping them and they had to kick a field goal…it was a pretty exciting game. My least favorite memory was probably my last year when we played Florida State. We did pretty well on defensive, I remember they had 33 yards rushing and 8 or 9 first downs, but they just destroyed us with Peter Warrick and the kick-return game. He had like 300 and something all-purpose yards that game.

Anthony, How extensively are you (and fellow NFL/Clemson alumni) involved with recruitment of new talent to the Clemson program? Jerry Fain Forest, VA

As far as me personally I do not think I can get involved. I think that may be some kind of violation or something (laughing). I do not really think I have anything to do with that. As far as some accomplishments I had in school…it may have made some kids look-up to me and want to follow in my footsteps.

Anthony, What are your feelings regarding Seattle’s free agent upgrades this offseason. From what you have seen of Matt Hasselbach, do you feel he is ready to start in the NFL?Doug Finken Union, NJ

I think so. He backed up Brett Favre, a great, great quarterback to learn through. As far as his play over the years in the preseason he has done really well, and with the little he has actually seen in games he has still done well. Through what I have seen from him in mini-camps, he looks pretty good to me, but I think as long as he has a good camp this summer, and goes out in the pre-season and plays well, I believe he’ll do a great job for us this season.

Anthony, It was a joy watching you for 3 years at Clemson and wished you could have been there one more year. I wanted to know if you ever thought about records while playing at Clemson because if you would have played another year at Clemson like any of your first three then you would have certainly broken the all-time tackles record for the NCAA and would have become Clemson’s first and only 4 time All-American. Thanks for your time and have a great career in the NFL.Patrick Carter Elliott, SC

I did…and it made it really tough for me to decide whether to stay or not stay in school, because I always said that I wanted to be remembered as one of the best…just the timing of it…I thought it would be too great of a risk to stay another year and maybe miss out not knowing maybe what could happen the following year. I think maybe I just started off too well here I guess (laughing.)

Anthony, How is life in the NFL different from college football?Jordan Vaughan Norcross, GA

In a lot of different ways. I guess the main way is that it is a really big business. Things are a lot more serious…everything is a lot more business like. As far as the games are concerned…the competition level is a lot higher because every player is a professional. Everybody is getting paid to do a job…it is their livelihood. The complexity of the game is a lot higher in the NFL then in college…like how the offenses work and different things teams are trying to do. The competition level is so tight that you got to come up with some type of game plan to try to confuse the opponent…throw them off…and hopefully get them to make some mistakes.

Anthony, What do miss most about Clemson Football? Stephanie Centreville, VA

I miss those home games…especially the games against the likes of North Carolina, Florida State, and Virginia where you run down “The Hill”, and right before kick off you look up in the stands and there is nothing but orange everywhere…all the fans are on their feet screaming…you can just feel the excitement in the air.

Anthony, Clemson has a great tradition of Linebackers (Jeff Davis, Ed McDaniel, John Johnson, Levon Kirkland, Wayne Simmons, Rahim Abdullah, Keith Adams, etc). Most of them have had very productive pro careers. How does it make you feel to have your name called as one of Clemson’s “best ever” linebackers? Also, do you look forward to playing beside former Tiger great Levon Kirkland in Seattle this year? Best of luck to you and the Seahawks. Go Tigers!Neil Paul Columbia, SC

As far as being referred to as one of the best Clemson linebackers ever it feels pretty good…as I said before just being thought of as one of the best by people and being put in that category makes me feel good. Being able to play with Levon is going to be good. It is going to be great for our team for one, and its going to be good for the University. It’s one of those rare chances when you have two players from two different generations from the same school being able to play again on the same team.

Thanks a lot for all your interest. Levon and I will make you proud in Seattle. Go Tigers! Anthony Simmons

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” will be first year Clemson Women’s Soccer Head Coach, Todd Bramble.