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Nov 24, 2019

Alumnae Spotlight: Sarah Monn ’13

Sarah Monn rowed for Clemson for four years from 2009 to 2013. Monn was recruited to Clemson from her hometown of Princeton, N.J. where she rowed for her varsity high school team. In 2013, Monn graduated from Clemson with a degree in French and now resides in Seattle, Wash. where she works in human resources.


Q: What has kept you busy since you graduated?

A: I coached collegiate rowing for 4 years post college. I am now working in Human Resources for a company in Seattle, WA. For fun, I am running the 50 states half marathons and am enjoying hiking and backpacking in the Pacific Northwest.

Q: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment since you graduated from Clemson?

A: Being an assistant D-1 rowing coach. It took a lot of work to get there! I coached for two clubs in Minnesota, then coached for Princeton University and Washington State University.

Q: How has Clemson Rowing prepared you for life after college?

A: Waking up early is no big deal now! In all seriousness… it’s taught me hard work, pushing through tough times, and enjoying every step of the process (including the wins at the end)!

Q: What is your favorite memory of your time at Clemson?

A: Competing in NCAAs my sophomore year. What an experience!

Q: What is a piece of advice you would give to current or future athletes that you wished you had received during your time?

A: Give everything you have. In the moment, it may feel too tough to handle, or you may be tired, but you will never regret giving 110%.