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Altroy Bodrick Chat Transcript

Altroy Bodrick Chat Transcript

 Senior rover Altroy Bodrick

Chat Transcript: Altroy Bodrick

The Cameron, SC, native has been the comeback player of the year for the 2002 Tigers after sitting out the entire 2001 season with a torn ACL. He started every game at rover for Clemson this season and has helped lead an improved defense that ranks 17th in the nation against the pass.

Bodrick is Clemson’s most experienced player as the only member of the team to letter in 1998. He finished with 58 tackles this year, eighth-best on the team. Bodrick picked up his first career interception as the defense helped turn the tide in the second half of a 31-23 win over Wake Forest earlier this year. He also ranks fourth on the team with six tackles for loss, including one sack.

Moderator: Welcome to the moderated chat room. Altroy is running a few minutes late, but will be here shortly to answer your questions.
Altroy Bodrick: I’m here and ready for your questions.
Matthew, Charleston: With so much attention focusing around the offenses do you think it will turn into a defensive battle?
Altroy Bodrick: Somebody has to stop both of the offenses. I think it could turn into a defensive game. Whichever defense really comes to play is probably going to influence of the outcome of the game.
Albert (Winnsboro): Are you and the rest of the Clemson secondary planning to do anything different in order to stop Texas Tech’s passing game?
Altroy Bodrick: We probably won’t do too much different. We’ll probably have the same game plan we have had against similar teams. We will probably take the same approach that we do against our offense in a scrimmage. Their offense is a little more horizontal with the short passing game, but the two styles are similar.
Danny (Clemson): How do you feel the loss of Eric Sampson will effect the Clemson defense? Go Tigers!!!!!
Altroy Bodrick: We hate to lose someone like Eric because he made some plays for us this year. Fortunately, we have some guys in the secondary that can step up and take his place.
Gerald V. in Anderson: Since you were recruitted by Tommy West, can you compare his coaching and style to our current staff? Which style do you prefer? Also, what do you think the future of Clemson Football will be under Tommy Bowden and staff?
Altroy Bodrick: Coach West and Coach Bowden are really not that different. They both want to win and they are both good people. I think the future is bright with Coach Bowden and the staff. I think we will continue to go to bowl games and we will always have seasons like we did in 2000 where we have a shot at the national championship.
Phil (Philadelphia): Thank you for taking time out to answer questions, Altroy. Are you going to test the waters and play in the NFL? If so, what are some of the things you are doing to increase your chances of playing in the NFL?
Altroy Bodrick: I’m going to try to make it to the NFL. The things I need to work on are getting my speed back to where it was and improving my strength. Hopefully someone will draft me or pick me up as a free agent and just give me a chance.
Melissa (ventnor): I know how hard you had to work in recovering from your torn ACL, what/who helped you the most to get through that injury? (It was great to see you back out on the field this year..I missed you and love you lots!!)
Altroy Bodrick: My family, my girlfriend and her sister Melissa really helped me get through it.
Van (Clemson): What do you do to get fired up for a game? Do you talk much on the field to the opposing team?
Altroy Bodrick: Yeah, I’m a big trash talker during the game. I don’t do too much before the game. Some people like to jump around and stuff, but I like to wait til the game. Getting fired up before the game doesn’t do anything, you need to be fired up on the field.
Darrell Cheeks (Centerville,GA): Altroy, What are your feelings about facing Texas Tech quarterback Kliff Kingsbury who throws for about 350 yards per game ?
Altroy Bodrick: I’m excited to face him. I think they will play into our hands because the strength of our defense is against the pass.
Rye Tuten, Oxford MS: How much of an effect do current players have on recruits during their visit?
Altroy Bodrick: I think they have an effect, both positively and negatively. Some recruits might not want to come to your program if a lot of good players are already there. Some might want to come because they feel like they get along with the players that are already there and fit in. So there is good and bad.
Plano, Texas: Just wanted to say HI from Texas. From one of your best fans. Momma Leake
Altroy Bodrick: Hey Momma Leake. I can’t wait to see you at the bowl game. Hope we get a win for you and all the Clemson fans back in Texas.
chris(clemson): What do you think of David Dunham. Is he as wild as he plays and will he help us in the future?
Altroy Bodrick: I think Dunham will do well in the future with this team. The way he plays, he plays hard. He is very athletic and I think before his Clemson career is over, he will be a really good player for the Tigers.
Mark(Greenville): Who do you see taking over your spot next year?
Altroy Bodrick: Kelvin Morris is a candidate, but with Eric Sampson gone he will probably be really good at outside linebacker. David Dunham or Ronnie Delusme will probably be the ideal fit.
James (myrtle beach): do you feel your scout squad gives you a good look in preperation for TT,and are there any surprises in the walk-on’s that might help in the future?
Altroy Bodrick: The reason we are well prepared for teams like that is our scout team does a great job. If we needed them, I think a couple of guys could come up and help us play.
Brent, Greenville: What did you think of the season in general this year? What were some of the ups and downs?
Altroy Bodrick: I think it was a good season. To finish with seven wins and a bowl trip is always good. We’ll be playing against a really good team in the bowl. You always start every year trying to play for a national championship, and that didn’t happen for us this year. But the season could have been a lot worse because we could have finished without a bowl game or under .500.
Mark Watson (Berkeley, Calif.): What are your thoughts on Justin Miller? How much has he helped the defense since his entrance, more specifically could you guys have won seven games without him?
Altroy Bodrick: Justin had a great year. I think if you take any one person off of this defense and it was Justin, I really don’t think we would have as much success as we did. He had a great impact on us this season. Everyone on the defense in general played an important part and that is also why we had a great year.
Thomas (atlanta): What are the main things the defense will try to do to stop Texas Tech’s passing attack?
Altroy Bodrick: We have to play a fundamentally sound game to stop them. They seem to score a lot of points when teams are out of position or miss an assignment. If we cut down our mistakes, I think we’ve got a great chance to stop their offense.
Brian Duncan, Greenville: Do you think that Clemson is ready to take on Texas Tech and is well prepared going into this bowl game?
Altroy Bodrick: I think after a week of practice we will be prepared. We still need to figure out some more of their tendencies but once we do that, we will be well prepared.
Altroy Bodrick: That’s all the time I’ve got, thanks for your questions. Cheer us on in Orlando.
Moderator: Thanks for stopping by the moderated chat room. Look for another chat next week as the Tigers prepare to play in the Mazda Tangerine Bowl Dec.23 at 5:30 PM.