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Academic Support

Academic Support

Academic Support

Advisors’ Role | Learning Specialists’ Role | Reports | Faculty Awareness and Support Eligibility and Recruiting | Goals and Expected Results | Tutoring Academic Honor Roll | Honor Roll Banquet

The Role of the Athletic Academic Advisors

Advisors help student-athletes develop and reach their personal, academic, and professional potential by:

  • Modeling strict adherence to rules and regulations of Clemson University, the ACC, and the NCAA.
  • Meeting weekly with student-athletes to discuss academic progress and any personal concerns.
  • Teaching productive classroom behaviors, organization, time management, and study habits.
  • Facilitating communication between student-athletes, coaches, and parents regarding academic work.
  • Serving as leaders of academic, personal, and career development programs for student-athletes.
  • Supporting student-athletes in selection of majors and course registration, including priority registration.
  • Seeking feedback from class instructors to monitor each student-athlete’s individual course progress.
  • Arranging enhanced learning support for academically vulnerable student-athletes.
  • Scheduling diagnostic testing when necessary.
  • Personally checking classes for student athlete attendance.
  • Documenting student-athlete progress.
  • Directing career aspirations to one of Vickery Hall’s career enhancement specialists.
  • Providing academic information to prospective student-athletes and parents during campus visits.


The Role of Learning Specialists

Learning Specialists help academically vulnerable student-athletes develop skills needed to earn a Clemson degree by:

  • Designing and implementing tailored academic success plans for identified student-athletes in order to strengthen academic skills.
  • Teaching individualized learning strategies and study skills.
  • Monitoring student work throughout the completion process to ensure compliance with Clemson University’s Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Evaluating student-athlete skills acquisition, academic performance, and study habits every semester.
  • Meeting with advisors and student-athletes-as part of the evaluation process-to explore strengths, successes, and areas for growth.
  • Training strategic tutors to assist learning specialists in providing student-athletes with support regarding time management, course management, organization, research-based learning strategies and study skills.



Student-Athlete Enrichment Programs produce a variety of reports throughout the semester. The weekly provost report provides information to coaches about student class attendance and study hours completed at Vickery Hall. Twice per semester, grade reports offer insight into course progress, classroom engagement, and ongoing needs. That information helps academic advisors provide targeted interventions in the learning process. Final semester reports facilitate a comparison of current and past (team and individual) classroom performance.


Faculty Awareness and Support 

It is vital for the Student-Athlete Enrichment Programs (SAEP) to develop a rapport with faculty in order to support student-athletes’ achievement of academic and career goals. The feedback from faculty has been invaluable in helping to track the progress of student athletes. Faculty members are invited to tour Vickery Hall and learn about the services offered to student athletes. Becoming more familiar with SAEP, the faculty has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and support for student-athletes enrolled in their classes.

In addition to student-centered dialogue with faculty, Vickery Hall staff members maintain an active presence in the university community by helping to staff new faculty orientation and participating in a number of campus organizations, including: staff senate, parking review board, bookstore advisory committee, orientation advisory board, alcohol and other drug advisory board, university assessment committee, EMpower, and disability services advisory board. Vickery Hall staff and services report directly to the office of the provost.



The academic advisors assist coaches with recruiting and compliance with all University and NCAA eligibility rules. A report is generated detailing the continued eligibility status of student athletes.


Vickery Hall Goals and Expected Results 

  • Improve academic performance.
  • Assist student-athletes in becoming goal oriented and aspiring to reach their goals.
  • Assist with career planning and preparation for the working world.
  • Attain higher overall graduation rates and grade point averages.
  • Increase the number of student-athletes receiving academic honors and recognition.
  • Promote graduate work and increase postgraduate scholarships and opportunities.
  • Promote and encourage all student-athletes to maintain high academic standards.



The Student Athlete Enrichment Programs maintains a staff of more than 100 highly qualified tutors across a wide variety of academic disciplines, including upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. Tutoring is available for all courses. Required training at the start of each semester focuses on academic integrity, guidelines and methods for tutoring sessions, and NCAA rules. The tutoring program is one of few nationwide certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

The tutors are an integral part of a team effort to help student-athletes succeed at Clemson University. The academic tutors at Vickery Hall motivate students and promote effective study habits. Tutors work with individuals and small groups. Visit notes are reviewed daily by advisors and the tutor coordinator.


Student-Athlete Academic Honor Roll 

The Student Athlete Enrichment Programs and Clemson University Athletic Department recognize the importance of student athletes who excel in their studies. To earn a position on the athletic academic honor roll, students must earn a 3.00 grade point average during either the fall or spring semester.


Honor Roll Banquet 

Student-athletes are given special recognition for their academic achievements annually at the Honor Roll Banquet. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements of student-athletes with coaches, administrators, and university guests. The awards presented at the Honor Banquet include:

  • Athletic Director’s Academic Excellence Award
  • All-Academic Team
  • Academic Achievement Award
  • Academic Team Award
  • Michelin Career Center Awareness Award
  • ACC Top Six Award
  • Bill D’Andrea Service Award
  • Dr. Cecil O. Huey, Jr. Award
  • Academic Hall of Fame