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Jul 10, 2019

2019 IPTAY Football Parking Assignments Set for release July 15

Log In on July 15 at 10 a.m.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Mon., July 15, you will be able to log in to your account to view both your ticket and parking assignments for the 2019 season. Cooler weather, tailgating, spending time with your Clemson Family and more are just a few of the things that make Saturdays in the fall at Clemson so special. It’s hard to believe we’re less than two months from kicking off the ACC Network for our first home game on Thurs., Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. against Georgia Tech.


Clemson Athletics and IPTAY are fortunate to have such high demand for both tickets and parking. While it can make it difficult to fulfill all the requests made by the nearly 13,000 IPTAY donors that purchase tickets and receive parking, it is without a doubt a good challenge to have each year.

As a reminder, football parking is reassigned annually by first IPTAY level and then by Priority Points within each level. There is always the potential that a donor’s assigned parking location may be moved from one year to the next based on demand. With the loss of parking on the Avenue of Champions and Williamson Rd to improve pedestrian safety and stadium security and the loss of spaces in Jervey Meadows due to the construction of the softball facility, many donors have been reassigned to new parking locations for the 2019 season. All 18,100 spaces have been assigned for the 2019 season which unfortunately doesn’t give options for exchanging before the start of the season.

The points below illustrate this high demand and the impact that construction and generous donors have had on the 2019 assignment process. While each request for tickets and parking are reviewed by our IPTAY and Ticket Office staff, the physical changes in the available parking inventory that can be assigned to donors had a significant impact on satisfying these requests.

2019 Football Season Tickets

• 96% renewal rate
• Only 285 donors didn’t renew their 2018 season tickets
• 58,919 season tickets have been sold
• Nearly 5,000 requests were made and reviewed for additional or relocated season tickets
• Seating in the lower deck was filled by those donors ordering new or additional seats at the $6,000/McFadden level; limited by availability and the number allowed for purchase at each annual membership level. Lower deck sideline seats were full at the $7,500/Fike level.
• Most of the seats that came open in the lower deck were only available in pairs
• All IPTAY members that ordered season tickets were able to receive renewable season tickets.

2019 Football Parking

• The loss of 730 spaces (Ave of Champions, Williamson Rd, Douthit Hills, and Jervey Meadows) was offset by expanding current lots (Lot 5, Rowing), constructing new lots (Hwy 93 Lake Lot) and adding spaces from University Parking Services (Mell Hall, Bryan Circle, C1). These 684 new spaces made our net loss of less than 50 spaces.
• Parking options on the north/northwest side of the stadium were impacted the most by loss of inventory and increased demand from donors raising their annual membership level.
• New spaces in Lot 5 are marked using “A”, “B”, “C”, etc spaces on the end of each row. The entire lot will be renumbered to make these sequential over the next two years.
• Improvements to stadium security may impact the way you travel to get to your assigned lot/street/space if you use Williamson Rd. Traffic pattern details and the best way to access your space will be released prior to the season.
• The standard car spaces previously located in Jervey Meadows were reassigned and the impact was felt throughout the Jervey Lot, Lot 3J, Lot 14, East Beach and Lot 3A leaving very few options for Tiger/$1,600 level donors on that side of the stadium.

IPTAY in conjunction with the Clemson University Athletic Ticket Office will be releasing online season ticket and parking locations on July 15th. To view your assignments on that day, please login to your online account by clicking HERE. On behalf of our nearly 500 student-athletes, coaches and staff, we thank you for your support of IPTAY as it makes a tremendous impact on the lives of our Clemson student-athletes every day. Go Tigers!