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Jan 28, 2019

2019 Clemson Athletic Hall Of Fame Nominations Now Open

2019 Clemson Athletic Hall Of Fame Nominations Now Open

The nominating committee of the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame is now accepting recommendations for Hall of Fame consideration announced Bob Mahony, Director of the Block C Club.  The Block C Club Board of Directors serves as the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee and will meet in late March to consider all those who have been recommended.

Recommendations will be accepted until Friday, March 15, 2019.

Any former Clemson student athlete, etc., living or deceased, who received an athletic letter from the Clemson University Athletic Department and who excelled athletically is eligible for Hall of Fame consideration 10 years after his/her athletic eligibility has been exhausted. In addition, former coaches, managers, trainers, etc. who made significant contributions to Clemson athletics are also eligible for consideration. Active Clemson coaches are not eligible for consideration and must be retired from that position for a minimum of five (5) years.

Any person may recommend any eligible individual for consideration as a nominee. Recommendations should be accompanied by information regarding the achievements of the individual being recommended. Once placed on the list of candidates, a person remains on the list for four years unless he/she is renominated.

Recommendations can be made to the Clemson University Hall of Fame Nominating Committee by clicking HERE

As many as ten individuals may be inducted into the Hall of Fame in any year. Names of those individuals who are nominated are forwarded to the Hall of Fame Approval Committee and, once approved by the Committee, will be made public. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held on the Clemson campus on a Friday evening prior to a home football game where the 2019 inductees will be introduced to the Memorial Stadium crowd.