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Nov 03, 2018

Gameday Media Portal: Louisville


Thank you for attending today’s contest and for your coverage of Clemson Football. Included below is a guide intended to assist you with your coverage of today’s game.


All WiFi access at Memorial Stadium is handled by Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT). Members of CCIT are seated at the Media Check-In table outside the entrance to the Bob Bradley Press Box.

Please connect with CCIT to receive your individual login to access the “clemsonpress” Wi-Fi network.


Live stats are available by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Clemson Athletic Communications will distribute quickie stats in the press box following each quarter.


Following the contest, Clemson players and assistant coaches (Co-Offensive Coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott and Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables) will be made available in the photo work room, which is accessible via the glass Clemson Sports Medicine door in the visitor’s tunnel.

The most efficient means for accessing Clemson’s postgame media area from the press box is to exit the stadium via Gate 16 (directly behind the press box), and re-enter through the visiting team tunnel. Media may also walk down the lower deck stairs from the concourse level and cross the field (following the conclusion of the game) to enter the visiting tunnel and enter the media area.

Given the limited space in the area, outlets with multiple reporters on-site will be kindly asked to be cognizant of the number of reporters they have in group media sessions for each interviewee.

Later in the postgame interview window, Head Coach Dabo Swinney will address the media in the old team meeting room on the second floor of the Nieri Student-Athlete Enrichment Center in the West End Zone. A member of Clemson Athletic Communications will announce a five-minute warning to allow media to relocate from the photo work room to his postgame press conference area.

To access Swinney’s postgame press conference, follow signs into the West End Zone, follow signs to the second floor, then follow signs to the press conference room. 


For inquiries pertaining to the availability of visiting coaches and players, please connect with members of the visiting sports information department, seated on the far right side of the press box.

Louisville has elected to conduct all postgame availability with Head Coach Bobby Petrino and select players outside of the visitors locker room in the tunnel in the northwest corner of the stadium. Reporters may access the area by cutting across the field postgame or exiting the stadium behind the press box and reentering through the visiting tunnel.


Photo vests are issued on a game-by-game basis. All vests must be returned at the conclusion of the game at either the Media Check-In table by the press box or in the photo work area.





On the hot start to the game:

“We got the ball first with an opportunity to set the tempo for day. We then scored three touchdowns in a row on offense, which created the spark that we needed.”


On the impressive performance of his team:

“I love the focus of our team. I challenged our defense at halftime, and Louisville converted only two third downs in the second half. Our defense played cleaner in the second half. Offensively, we scored nearly every time we had ball in the second half.”


On the well-rounded victory:

“10 different guys scored touchdowns for us, and we had over 600 yards of offense. We also had three running backs go for over 100 yards. We had a season-high six sacks, and that was our 17th game in a row with a pick. That was a great interception by Isaiah Simmons. It was fun to see so many guys getting an opportunity to play. Over 90 guys played for us. Dexter Lawrence even got himself a touchdown.”


On the impact of the win:

“That was a good experience for our team, and it was a lot of fun. We’re 9-0, but we’re not satisfied. We want to win our division, and we’ll have that opportunity next week. We’ve worked all year to get to this point, so we’ll enjoy this win and get back to work on Monday.”


On his team’s mindset:

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and the focus of this group is special. They’re so committed to what we’re doing and what we want to accomplish. They prepare and practice the right way and believe in what they do. As coaches, we’re doing everything we can to help them get what they want to achieve. They want to be remembered forever, not just remembered.”


On the performance of the running backs:

“I didn’t know what we had that in Lyn-J [Dixon] at that time. It didn’t take him long to get to 100 yards, because he is electric. The running backs just have fun. You saw the heart and soul of Adam Choice today. That drive where he just kept going is the epitome of who that guy is. That play was amazing, and I’m really proud of him. It was great to see [Tavien] Feaster get on track and run for 100 yards, too. The running backs are a veteran group, and they support each other. There is just so much more experience on this year’s team than last year. Travis [Etienne] is awesome, and we truly have the type of depth that you need to have to produce a championship-caliber team. You have to give credit to the offensive line, too. We challenged the offense to run the ball today, and it was just a great day for those guys.”


On Mitch Hyatt:

“He has played more snaps than any player in the history of Clemson football. For a left tackle to do that, that is pretty awesome. We had a great moment in the locker room. Everyone wanted a speech from Mitch and, in classic Mitch fashion, he just said ‘Thanks, y’all.’ It was a really special moment, and I’m really proud of him.”



On calling plays for so many players:

“First of all, the guys have to take care of business and put themselves in a position where they can call a bunch of plays. Coming out of the gate with five plays and 14 points…we’ve really challenged our guys to let that become a part of our identity and not wait until the third drive, so we took care of business. Dexter [Lawrence] is in there…everybody talks about Christian [Wilkins], but [Dexter] is lead blocking every time Christian touches the ball, so we wanted to reward [Dexter] as well.”


On Mitch Hyatt’s catch:

“Mitch has been our left tackle for four years, and for just about every snap, has been reliable. We never had to worry about the backside of the quarterback, so having the opportunity there…didn’t go as we had planned. Obviously, we were hoping they were going to pursue a little bit harder, but he got his catch…and he’s got his play count and his career starts, and he did get a catch in his career.”


On calling games high-scoring games:

“It’s still stressful. You’re always sitting up there wondering, ‘What’s the adjustment going to be? What’s going to be different?’ The biggest joy is when we walk into the locker room and you hear those names called…coach [Swinney] calls out the superlatives and you hear them chant for Big Dexter [Lawrence] for getting a touchdown. That’s what’s really cool. During the game, you’re focused on the next play and just not taking your foot off the gas, because playing against Coach Petrino and knowing what they can do on offense, you know they can score points at any moment in the football game.”



On the game:

“I’m really proud that we were able to get off to a fast start. We’ve been talking about how even though we’ve played well the last few weeks that there was even another step that we can take, and I feel like we came closer to that today. We had three different [running] backs go over 100 yards rushing, which was awesome to see. We had 10 different guys score a touchdown today, nine of them were on offense, and I think that really speaks to our depth. I’m really proud of how we’re playing, and our goal this time of year is to continue to improve and get better each week as we start this championship phase, and I feel like we did that today.


On getting Tavien Feaster more involved in the game plan:

“That was important to us. Feaster’s a guy that has been practicing really well. It was not a surprise to us at all to see him go score on that play that he did because he’s been running that way in practice.”


On Dexter Lawrence’s touchdown run:

“They have fun. Our offensive players have fun with it. So it was great that we were able to do that two weeks in a row.”



On the game:

“It was good. Personally, the expectation isn’t to stop every single play. Sometimes, the other team has a good play call or they execute. I think, as much as anything, there were three third downs early in the game that we were just too casual in a spot or two on the field. We said going in that Louisville is a team that can expose you and execute, particularly in the throwing game. We’ve been pretty good in recent years on third downs, but on those, we were just a little bit sloppy. I was really pleased with the overall effort, but there are still some things that we can coach the guys on.”


On the ceiling of the defense:

“I don’t think that we are dominant in every aspect yet. There are a whole lot of little things that are still there for us to keep getting better at. What I love, with us playing for a division championship this week, is that there are a lot of places for us to improve. Our guys have a great sense of humility, and we are in a good place mentally and physically. I’m proud of of guys like Mario Goodrich, who got in there, played against some good receivers and played well.”



On the game:

“That’s a good football team…there is no question about that. I’m not too happy with the way we played, particularly on defense, but you have to take your hat off to Clemson. They’re the No. 2 team in the nation for a reason. Offensively, I thought we had a good drive there in the first quarter, but we stuttered and didn’t get the points. That drive was what we were trying to do, which was to utilize the clock, run the ball and keep them on the sideline. I felt like our guys kept playing and were excited to make plays, but it was a tough game. They were a really good football team, and they beat up on us today.”


On Clemson’s run game:

“I was really concerned coming into the game about their running backs because of their speed and explosiveness. They’ve made those big runs against everybody, and we weren’t able to shut them down at all. We couldn’t tackle them the way that we needed to tackle them. They were more physical runners than we were tacklers.”


On toughness of the loss:

“The guys prepared and practiced hard this week, and they were excited to come to this type of atmosphere. It’s an unbelievable atmosphere, but it’s hard to get beat like that. We were trying to move the ball and make some plays, but we were never really in it.”



On the game:

“It’s been a fun year, just putting all the pieces together on offense. We’re starting to hit our stride later in the season, and it’s been a fun experience these past few games.”


On playing the most snaps in Clemson history:

“It’s a great opportunity to be able to stay healthy and be able to play this many snaps. Having the support from the fans, the coaches, and all the other players on the team…especially the offensive line…it’s just an awesome experience.”


On the fun the team is having:

“We always enjoy what we do, and we get rewarded for it. The coaches feed into the joy that we have and put in these plays for us, because they know that we enjoy the experience. It shows the joy and appreciation we have for each other as teammates. We are always having fun on and off the field, and the coaches reward us by putting in these plays. ”


On his reception:

“We didn’t get as much of a rush as we like so when I dropped back for the lateral, we didn’t have the opportunity we had hoped, but I was just happy I caught the ball. We’ve practiced the play before, but I never believed they’d actually call it. It was just fun that they let us run it.



On the game:

“We work hard every practice…we work hard on the field, and that work pays off. We’re getting our confidence, coming out hot, and having a mindset that we can go out and do it if we just put our minds to it. We play every game like it’s a championship game. We don’t take any games for granted and always play our hearts out.”


On teammates’ opportunities:

“We’re like brothers. We like to see everybody get out there and do good. As a running back, it puts a big smile on my face to see the defensive linemen get in the end zone. Even if we don’t get a shot to go in, we still cheer everyone on, because as long as we get the win, we’re all happy. I kept my mind straight on the sidelines. I cheered my teammates on and waited for my chance to go in, and I got it.”


On the message at halftime:

“They told us not to give up, play like the game is 0-0, and keep going hard.”



On his touchdown run:

“We’ve practiced it a couple of times. I tried to take advantage of my opportunity. ‘I’m a natural running back’ is what I tell myself. I stopped playing [running back] in high school, so ever since then, I was a running back. I know what to do with the ball a little bit.”


On the decision to let him have the carry vs. Christian Wilkins:

“Christian tried to [get the play call], but Coach Swinney told him that it was my time to shine. I also told him, ‘Christian can’t score again until I get the ball,’ so that’s how that went down.”


On his run vs. Christian’s against Florida State:

“I had a little more traffic to go through. I created a good hole for Christian to come through, so it was a little easier for him…it was a walk-in for him. I had it a little tough. It was a tough run right there.”



On the pick-six:

“I felt like I was due for one, so when the time came, I made the play. It was a great feeling. I just took advantage of the opportunity to the fullest.”


On the defense as a whole:

“It looked like the defensive line had a lot of fun today. We always want to be physical and disrupt the quarterback’s timing as much as we can. Whether it’s coming for a corner blitz, safety blitz, or nickel blitz, we always want to show a lot of pressure and make sure to disrupt things.”