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Aug 29, 2018

Gameday Media Portal: Furman (2018)


Thank you for attending today’s contest and for your coverage of Clemson Football. Included below is a guide intended to assist you with your coverage of today’s game.


All WiFi access at Memorial Stadium is handled by Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT). Members of CCIT are seated at the Media Check-In table outside the entrance to the Bob Bradley Press Box.

Please connect with CCIT to receive your individual login to access the “clemsonpress” Wi-Fi network.


Live stats are available by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Clemson Athletic Communications will distribute quickie stats in the press box following each quarter.


Following the contest, Clemson players and assistant coaches (Co-Offensive Coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott and Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables) will be made available in the photo work room, which is accessible via the glass Clemson Sports Medicine door in the visitor’s tunnel.

The most efficient means for accessing Clemson’s postgame media area from the press box is to exit the stadium via Gate 16 (directly behind the press box), and re-enter through the visiting team tunnel. Media may also walk down the lower deck stairs from the concourse level and cross the field (following the conclusion of the game) to enter the visiting tunnel and enter the media area.

Given the limited space in the area, outlets with multiple reporters on-site will be kindly asked to be cognizant of the number of reporters they have in group media sessions for each interviewee.

Later in the postgame interview window, Head Coach Dabo Swinney will address the media in the old team meeting room on the second floor of the Nieri Student-Athlete Enrichment Center in the West End Zone. A member of Clemson Athletic Communications will announce a five-minute warning to allow media to relocate from the photo work room to his postgame press conference area.

To access Swinney’s postgame press conference, follow signs into the West End Zone, follow signs to the second floor, then follow signs to the press conference room. 


For inquiries pertaining to the availability of visiting coaches and players, please connect with members of the visiting sports information department, seated on the far right side of the press box.

All visiting media availability will be conducted in the visiting interview room on the second floor of the Nieri Student-Athlete Enrichment Center in the West End Zone.

The most efficient means for accessing the visiting postgame media area from the press box is to exit the stadium via Gate 16 (directly behind the press box), enter the visiting tunnel, follow signs into the West End Zone, follow signs to the second floor, then follow signs to the visiting interview room. 


Photo vests are issued on a game-by-game basis. All vests must be returned at the conclusion of the game at either the Media Check-In table by the press box or in the photo work area/


PDF Game Notes



On the overall game:

“I think we had a nice balance today. We were able to play so many people. We didn’t commit any turnovers and committed only four penalties. The depth showed up for us today. We got all three quarterbacks in the game [and] there were a lot of opportunities for players to touch the ball.”

On the importance of starting out the season with an impressive win:

“It doesn’t matter how talented these guys are; for anybody, the first college experience is a big deal. No matter how much you practice, it’s hard to simulate game day. Overall, there’s a lot we can coach off of, but I was pleased with what we did offensively. Defensively, our guys set the tone and created two turnovers.”

On the defensive performance:

“We played a ton of guys defensively. It was good to see so many guys play. We saw a lot of great things from several guys up front. Shaq Smith played well. Isaiah Simmons performed well in his start. He’s freakishly athletic, and that showed. Nolan Turner, Denzel Johnson and Niles Pinckney played well, too.”


On the impact of the special teams:

“We want to be one of the best special teams groups in the country. We have the right roster to be elite. You saw that on kickoffs and punt returns today. Cornell Powell had a 43-yard punt return. We expect our special teams to not only keep us in games, but also win us some games.”


On the fan support at Death Valley:

“I was actually just telling our players how fortunate we are to have such great fans. I’m really thankful for our fans. Traffic was backed up all the way to Anderson, but we still had a packed house today. There was plenty of excitement in Death Valley for us to feed off of.”


On the outlook moving forward:

“This coming week, we’ll get in game mode, watch the tape and make some improvements to help us to continue to win. We don’t always play perfectly, but we play with a lot of heart and toughness, and that helps us get the job done.”



On getting back on the field:

“It was good. This being my first game as a senior… it’s special. I’m just trying to soak it up and enjoy it. It was good to see everyone play against another opponent other than against Clemson in practice, and we’re going to enjoy it.”


Oh his play today:

“I managed it. It could have been better but in the end, we did what we had to do. I did the job; we moved the ball and put some points on the board.”


On changes after halftime:

“Nothing changed. We went out with the same demeanor. We just had to keep attacking and execute.



On playing his first game:

“It was awesome. I’ve been waiting on it for a while [and have] been practicing hard. It [was] good to finally get out there.”


On hardest in-game adjustments:

“Everyone says speed, but it’s probably defenses. Defenses change-up post-snap and things like that.”


On difference in comfort during second half:

“It felt a lot more comfortable, for sure. Getting [into] a routine and a rhythm [made] going out for the second half a lot more comfortable than the first one.”


On going through the quarterback battle since spring:

“It’s been really good and it’s definitely made me better. I think it’s made Kelly [Bryant] a lot better, too, just from competing. We have a good relationship, so that’s good for the rest of the team.”



On the performance of team:

“I loved our attitude coming out of the locker room. We were ready to play and played with passion and energy. We were very intense and physical. I thought our guys were really excited to play today, and we played to our standard. I think we saw 34 guys play today on defense, and that will pay off in dividends. It’s good to reward guys for their work, and I’m pleased with a lot of guys. I thought our guys up front, from the onset, set the tone for the day.”


On contribution from younger players:

“It builds their confidence and gets their jitters out. This is a developmental game, and the more they play, the better they are going to get, even through failure. As we continue to develop our depth across the board, this will be a great start for some of those guys in their careers.”



On the excitement and the energy in Memorial Stadium:

“It was everything. I was talking to Dexter [Lawrence] on the bus, and we couldn’t really prepare for something like that. There were recruits out there, and we were on that bus to the Hill. Just really being a part of a team [was exciting]. We’ve been a part of it for eight months now, waiting for it come, and we finally got out there and had fun. I wasn’t even ready for it.”


On the play of the defense:

“We played well. It was a great scheme with great coaching. But, as a whole, I think we played very well.”


On his fumble recovery:

“That happened so fast. I have to give a shoutout to Shaq [Smith]. He was the one who knocked it loose, and I just saw the ball and went for it. It was a great play, and that’s all to God. That ball was right there for me…it wasn’t anything spectacular. I was the one who got credit for it, but the other 10 guys did their job even though I was the only one who got credit for it.”



On overall performance of the team:

“Hats off to Clemson…they were as advertised. I thought our defense played really well for about a half. When that call right was overturned before halftime, they came down and scored, and we gave up two scores. Offensively, we struggled all day, but I thought our kids fought and hung in there. We’ll watch some tape, and there’ll be some good and bad stuff. The two freshman quarterbacks, I thought, handled themselves pretty well under the circumstances. I like this bunch. We just have to go back and get better. We certainly won’t see another group like this for the rest of the year. At least, I hope we don’t.”


On moving forward with the season:

“We did some things well. In every game you find out what you did well, and you identify the things that you did poorly..maybe we have to move some people around and get our best people in the [game]. You learn every week and every day is different. We knew it was going to be a challenge coming in, and it certainly was.”

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