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2017 Clemson Football Parking

2017 Clemson Football Parking

The 2016 football season will be celebrated and enjoyed by all Tiger fans for many years to come. A national championship will undoubtedly increase the demand for 2017 season tickets and parking spaces, and it is never too early to begin planning for where you will enjoy tailgating before and after each game this coming fall.


The information provided here is just a preamble to an increased amount of communication throughout the IPTAY renewal process and parking request process. Parking and tailgating locations are reassigned each year by ranking all donors by their annual level and priority points within each level. We urge you to make sure that you give you and your family the best opportunity to receive your requested parking location by aligning your 2017 IPTAY donation with the information in the eligibility chart and parking information that will be sent out throughout the spring and summer.


Similar to year’s past, the parking location eligibility chart is a good place to start when deciding what IPTAY annual level you choose to donate for 2017 and how that may impact your parking. These are meant to be an estimate, as annual demand is determined by increases in donor giving and loss of parking inventory has a significant impact each fall. Already, IPTAY donations have increased by 17 percent, and with changes to Memorial Stadium seat-equity minimums, that number could increase and further impact the level and points of the donors that are assigned to each lot/street parking space.


As of this publication, the amount of parking inventory being lost due to campus improvements is minimal. We do, however, expect to lose access to many of the spaces around Clemson House (lot 24), as that area of campus adjacent to Douthit Hills continues to grow.


The South Box lot is another location that we will not have access to park in for the 2017 season. Those assigned to that lot have been notified of the need to give this area that is part of the Woodland Cemetery the care and respect it deserves by no longer parking on and around gravesites. As other projects’ timelines become clearer, we will be able to provide updates on their impact to football parking options.


Another change you can expect this year is a more detailed parking request process online when you order your football season tickets. In the past, we have essentially had an open text box for you to make your parking request as part of your football order. This year, we want to give you more opportunity to give details on your request while at the same time be provided with more guidance on realistic expectations of where you can park based on your IPTAY 2017 level and points. This will include improved depictions of lot layouts, amenities and the experience of parking/tailgating in each location to help you make a more informed decision.


Tailgating at Clemson has always been at a championship level, and we are certain that tradition will continue in 2017. If your parking and tailgating location is a top priority for you and your family, please review all parking information. If you still have questions, be sure to contact one of our IPTAY staff members and let them help you make the best giving decision for IPTAY 2017.