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2006 Football Season Parking Information

Aug. 25, 2006

Greetings from Clemson. The Clemson vs. Florida Atlantic game is right around the corner and the excitement level is at an all-time high. At this time all IPTAY Donors who ordered and paid for full-season ticket packages and have paid IPTAY in full should have received their game day materials. Parking passes for the 2006 Football Season that have been assigned to those qualified season ticket holders have been mailed separately to provide a more accurate assignment process. Every effort has been made to ensure that all parking placards were assigned per the IPTAY priority parking policy. This lengthy process starts with your IPTAY payment by the March 15th deadline, continues with your requests on your season ticket order, and finishes with the assignment and delivery of parking passes. Please keep in mind that parking is assigned based on your annual giving level. Donors in each level are then placed in priority order based on their point total. Parking is assigned on an annual basis and many factors can attribute to a reassignment. Construction and donors stepping up their level of giving are two of the main reasons.

However, please understand with any allocation of this magnitude there are going to be mistakes due to human error. Prior to calling the IPTAY or Ticket Office with questions or concerns, please take a moment to compare the assignment card in the envelope with the placards provided. If the card has something different from the placards in the envelope, please call our office so that we can correct our mistake. The individuals receiving the calls will take down the appropriate information and we will rectify the situation in a prompt manner.

First of all, if you have been assigned to an area lot around Memorial Stadium (lot 4, lot 3E, lot 7, etc.), the area is clearly displayed by a large number in the colored band in the center of the placard. Area placards also have a bar code and are individually numbered. This number is simply a security measure and does not designate a certain space in the lot.

Those donors who have been assigned a reserved numbered parking placard around Memorial Stadium (lot 8, lot 2, Ave. of Champions, etc.), the placard includes a large alphanumeric lot or street designation in the center of the parking placard. These reserved placards also have a bar code and are individually numbered. However, these numbers are specific to the reserved space that should be used on the day of the game. To all donors who received placards with a large number 8 on the placard, please disregard the words “lot 2” in the small print before your space assignment below the bar code. We apologize for the mistake and hope it doesn’t cause confusion.

Every effort will be made to answer any questions that you may have regarding your assignment or the parking assignment policy. However, the volume of calls will determine how quickly we can respond, so your patience is appreciated. As always we thank you for your support of Clemson athletics and the IPTAY scholarship fund.

Go Tigers!