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1999-2000 Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll Announced

Aug. 2, 2000

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The 44th annual Atlantic Coast Conference Academic Honor Roll, noting academic excellence by student-athletes for the 1999-2000 school year, contains a record 1,659 performers as announced by Commissioner John Swofford.

The Honor Roll comprises those student-athletes who participated in a varsity-level sport and registered a grade point average of 3.0 or better for the full academic year. Duke led the league in total selections for the 13th straight year placing 322 on the list, while North Carolina was second with 240 student-athletes. Virginia was third with 202 student-athletes and Clemson was fourth with 192, followed by Maryland (181), Florida State (171), NC State (144), Wake Forest (113) and Georgia Tech (94).

Featured on this year’s Honor Roll are several standouts including first team All-ACC defensive back Lloyd Harrison of NC State and first team all-conference basketball players Shane Battier and Georgia Schweitzer of Duke. In addition to being named first team all-league, Harrison was also a second team CBS Sportline All-American. A three-time Academic Honor Roll selection, Battier was named first team All-ACC after averaging a Blue Devil high 17.4 points and leading the ACC in three-point field goal percentage (.444). Schweitzer, the 1999-2000 ACC Player of the Year, finished last season averaging a team-high 15.6 points per game and shooting .458 percent from the field.

Also included on the list of top student-athletes are several players who earned top national honors in their respective sports. Maryland’s Jen Adams was selected as this year’s Mary Garber Award recipient, presented each year to the ACC’s top female student-athlete. Georgia Tech volleyball player Carolyn Clevenger was a GTE first team Academic All-American and has been an ACC Academic Honor Roll member for four straight years. Mark Teixeira, a Georgia Tech baseball player was the 2000 ACC Player of the Year and the 14th recipient of the Dick Howser Trophy, given to the Collegiate Baseball Player of the Year. Virginia’s Drew McKnight was the ACC Lacrosse Player of the Year and was also a second team STX/USILA All-American. Four-time honor roll selection Kristin McCann of North Carolina and three-time pick Jenny Everett of Wake Forest earned All-ACC Field Hockey recognition in 1999. Florida State’s Leslie Malerich was an All-ACC selection as well as the 2000 ACC Softball Tournament Most Valuable Player. Also included on the list is Clemson golfer Jonathan Byrd, a four-time All-ACC selection who led Clemson to this season’s ACC Title and NCAA regional championship.

A complete listing of the 1999-2000 ACC Honor Roll is below:

1999-2000 ACC Academic Honor Roll

Clemson 192
David Abel 3 Track
Beth Ahern 3 Track
Charles Allen Track
Yoneko Allen Basketball
Adam Allenspach 2 Basketball
Doug Ameigh 2 Track
Christopher Anderson Swimming
Leslie Anderson 2 Swimming
Colin Atkinson 2 Tennis
Jeff Atteberry Swimming
Nancy Augustyniak Soccer
Pasha Bains Basketball
Krystal Ball Swimming
Sandon Barth 2 Tennis
Chad Bendinelli Baseball
Mallory Benson Volleyball
Anne Berki 2 Volleyball
Nikki Blassingame 2 Basketball
Robert Bratton Football
Mary Brewer Swimming
Kim Brown 2 Rowing
Douglas Brunson Football
Nicole Burdette Rowing
Nicolette Burgess Rowing
Jenna Burtch Swimming
Jonathan Byrd 4 Golf
Tami BySura 2 Volleyball
Christopher Campbell Football
Chad Carson 2 Football
Katie Carson 2 Soccer
Allison Cartee 2 Rowing
Jermyn Chester Football
Beverly Chin 2 Swimming
Lisa Christopher Rowing
Leigh Clark 2 Soccer
Cinny Clausen 3 Tennis
Meghann Clifford Swimming
Tatum Clowney Soccer
Alison Coday 4 Volleyball
Eric Cohn 2 Tennis
Kevin Conaway 3 Soccer
Mike Connelly 2 Track
Heidi Cooper 3 Volleyball
Angie Cossey 2 Basketball
Erin Cumbie 4 Swimming
Meagan Davis 4 Swimming
Ryan Demers Track
Jessica Diebel Swimming
Lucy Doolittle 2 Rowing
Carolina Douglas Swimming
Alevandro Dubreuil Swimming
Sarah Ellis Track
Rob Etheridge 3 Swimming
Lars Fallang 4 Soccer
Thomas Felch Track
Chrisoula Floyd Basketball
Jonathan Folds Swimming
Timothy Fuller Soccer
Patrick Fullerton 2 Soccer
Rachel Gallegos Soccer
Luis Garcia 3 Tennis
Andrew Geisler Track
Troyann Gentile 2 Soccer
Alison Gilbert Rowing
Carmina Giraldo 2 Tennis
Danielle Goetz Rowing
Joshua Goffi 2 Tennis
Ross Goodacre 2 Soccer
Kyle Goodrich Soccer
Emily Gorla 3 Volleyball
Khalil Greene Baseball
Lynn Hall Rowing
Tucker Hamrick 2 Football
Rebecca Harmon Tennis
Charles Harper Football
Paul Harrelson Baseball
Michael Harris Swimming
Andy Heck 3 Soccer
Denise Hein Rowing
James Hendrix Golf
Lauren Henne 2 Rowing
Matthew Henrie Baseball
William Henry Football
Benjamin Hess Track
Paul Hill Track
Brian Holstad 2 Baseball
Walker Holt Basketball
Joey Hopke 2 Tennis
Kathryn Hunter Rowing
Jeremy Iwaszkowiec 3 Soccer
Dawn Jackson 2 Rowing
Tripp James 3 Golf
Laurence Jayet Tennis
Courtney Johnson 2 Rowing
Jason Kamlet 4 Soccer
Jaimee Kamnik 2 Rowing
Sarah Keyes Swimming
Russ Kiefer 3 Soccer
Elizabeth King Soccer
Robert King 2 Golf
Ginny Kirouac 2 Swimming
Adam Klotzbach Track
Emily Kuivila Rowing
Tiffany Lambert Soccer
BJ Lamura Baseball
Bobby Latham 3 Track
Marcus Lewis Football
Micah Lewis Football
Christina Lindsey 2 Rowing
James Lindsey Baseball
Mark Lisi Soccer
George Lloyd Track
Matthew Lombardi Track
Peter Lukens Track
Brian Mance Football
Melissa Manring 2 Track
Megan Marsick Rowing
Megan McGuirt Rowing
Mandy McLane 3 Track
Jennifer Meador 2 Track
Erin Mickey 2 Rowing
Tif Miller 2 Football
Lisa Mischley Rowing
Marcez Mitchell Football
Katie Mizell 2 Swimming
Matt Moler Football
Elizabeth Monteith Rowing
Cindy Mullinix Soccer
Katherine Nebauer Rowing
Matt Norman Swimming
Amber Odvody Swimming
Christina Oldock Tennis
Laura Olsen Rowing
Brian Outlaw Football
James Owen 2 Football
David Padgett Football
Tenley Palisin 2 Rowing
Brie Peters Rowing
Catherine Pitko Rowing
JD Powell Basketball
Michael Proto Baseball
Lauren Rafferty 3 Swimming
Nathan Rawlings 3 Soccer
Joe Don Reames Football
Kenny Roberts Swimming
Heidi Robillard Rowing
Jackie Robinson 2 Football
Jennifer Rowe Rowing
Anna Savitskaya Tennis
Matt Schell 2 Football
Jarrod Schmidt Baseball
Shannon Schoppman 3 Track
Jeff Scott Football
Audra Sherman Soccer
Lisa Sherman Rowing
Jeremy Shyatt Basketball
Willie Simmons Football
Michael Sims Golf
Justin Singleton 3 Baseball
Katherine Sloan 2 Rowing
Lauren Solymos 2 Rowing
Perry Sosebee Soccer
Amanda Specht 2 Rowing
Chad Speck 3 Football
Nathan Spice Swimming
Henri Stanley 2 Baseball
Jason Stockunas 4 Football
Casey Stone Baseball
Anne Stowell 4 Track
John Strait 3 Football
Brandon Streeter 5 Football
Russell Stuermann Football
Charles Swannack Track
Lauren Teffeau Rowing
Craig Thomas Swimming
Amy Tolley Swimming
Donald Trahan Golf
Mary Trull 4 Volleyball
Martha Vandam Rowing
Erika Vanreenen Track
Bradley Vaughn Football
Cara Viverito 2 Rowing
Greg Walker Football
Matthew Watson Football
Annie Whiting Rowing
Amanda Williams Rowing
Bryan Williams Track
Tricia Williams Soccer
Courtney Wittstruck Basketball
Jesse Woodard Track
Kyle Young 3 Football
Stephanie Zabel Track
Duke 322
Sheela Agrawal Track
Sara Allen Rowing
Jeffery Alleva Baseball
Nii-Amar Amamoo 3 Soccer
Geoff Anderson 2 Wrestling
Kalen Anderson 3 Golf
Robert Antoniou Soccer
Elizabeth Aronin Track
Chrissy Ashley Field Hockey
Johanna Ashley 2 Field Hockey
Katie Atlas 2 Cross Country
Eric Bassingthwaighte 2 Soccer
Liz Bateman 2 Field Hockey
Shane Battier 3 Basketball
Beth Bauer 2 Golf
Michael Baughman 4 Fencing
Doug Bechtold Baseball
Seth Benson 3 Track
Tara Bergen Rowing
Carlo Bertucci 2 Fencing
Maren Betts-Sonstegard 2 Rowing
Erica Biro 2 Tennis
Joshua Bissu Soccer
Erin Black Fencing
Damian Blue 4 Track
Alexander Bose Tennis
Liz Boswell 3 Swimming
Courtney Botts Track
Aaron Brady 4 Track
Mara Brain 2 Soccer
Terry Brennan 2 Track
David Bright Fencing
Jamie Brodsky 3 Lacrosse
Scott Bross 3 Lacrosse
Denver Brown 2 Golf
Andrea Buckwalter 2 Track
Katherine Burgess 2 Track
Erin Burton 2 Rowing
Dorrette Burwell Volleyball
Blake Byczek Lacrosse
Kim Cahill 4 Soccer
Ryan Caldbeck 2 Basketball
Bobby Campbell 2 Football
Stephen Card 2 Lacrosse
Amanda Carlson Fencing
Anna Carollo 2 Swimming
Tom Cass 2 Wrestling
Kevin Cassese Lacrosse
Caitie Cataldo 2 Rowing
Corey Ceccolini 2 Field Hockey
Marko Cerenko 3 Tennis
Kara Cerwenksy Rowing
Jay Champi Track
Yng-Ru Chen Rowing
Nancy Cheng Fencing
Matt Christensen 2 Basketball
Michael Christenson 2 Golf
Brian Clark Swimming
William Clark Golf
Harry Clarke 2 Wrestling
Ashley Cockburn Fencing
Elizabeth Colucci Field Hockey
Michael Connoly Football
Kelly Coogan 2 Track
Molly Crall Swimming
Emily Crandall 2 Rowing
Keating Crown 3 Lacrosse
Patricia Culp Track
Ali Curtis 3 Soccer
Isis Dallis 3 Soccer
Andrew Davidson Lacrosse
Kim Daws 3 Soccer
Kyle Denham Football
Moe Denney 2 Field Hockey
Bronwen Dickey Fencing
Drew Dinsick Swimming
Kelly Dirks 2 Lacrosse
Jim Donnelly 4 Golf
Kristen Doody Track
Laura Downey Swimming
Lauren Dudley Swimming
Whitney Dunlap 2 Rowing
Mike Dunleavy Basketball
Keri Dunn 3 Larosse
Terrence Dupree 3 Football
T.J. Durnan 3 Lacrosse
Jami Ediger 2 Volleyball
Krista Edmundson Rowing
Kate Elliot 2 Rowing
Jon Enberg 2 Lacrosse
Ed Eng Swimming
Pedro Escudero Tennis
Erin Evans Track
Katherine Farrell Track
Emily Feeney 4 Soccer
Zachary Fenton Lacrosse
Michael Ferrari Lacrosse
Claire Finn 2 Lacrosse
Rob Fisher Swimming
Justin Fishkin 3 Wrestling
Chris Fleizach 2 Swimming
Jamie Fleming 4 Swimming
Robert Fleming 3 Football
Jennifer Forte 2 Basketball
Kristen Foster 2 Lacrosse
Don Fowler Track
Jared Frood 2 Lacrosse
Carly Fuller Soccer
Ryan Furgurson 3 Soccer
Peter Gail 4 Soccer
Sean Gaiser Swimming
Bryn Gallagher Volleyball
Lauren Gallagher Lacrosse
Adam Gasthalter Fencing
Krista Gingrich 2 Basketball
Richard Glod Fencing
Rahkee Goel 2 Rowing
Wes Goodner 2 Baseball
Rachel Gottesman Rowing
Pam Gottfred 2 Volleyball
Chris Graber Track
Katie Granson Tennis
Lamar Grant Football
Marybeth Gregorski Track
Kristy Guenther Swimming
Matthew Guletz 2 Soccer
Adam Guren Soccer
Kim Hanauer 2 Track
Candy Hannemann 2 Golf
William Hardaker Lacrosse
Ashley Harris Volleyball
Duece Harris Wrestling
Isiah Harris 3 Soccer
Ryan Harsch Swimming
Mike Hart Football
Chris Hartofilis Larcosse
Nick Hartofilis 3 Lacrosse
Daniel Hauber Lacrosse
Katie Heaps 2 Lacrosse/Soccer
Brooke Heerwald Track
Caroline Helwig 3 Field Hockey
Hunter Henry 3 Lacrosse
Renee Herman Fencing
Lindsay Hilgers Swimming
Joanna Hingle Rowing
Quentin Holley Football
Stuwart Holzer Wrestling
Matthew Hoover Wrestling
Nick Horvath Basketball
Sean Huang Fencing
Alex Hunt Wrestling
Catherine Hutchison Track
Shawn Johnson Football
Porter Jones 3 Tennis
Anna Juraschek 2 Rowing
Kate Kaiser 2 Lacrosse
Chris Kakel 4 Lacrosse
Terrence Keaney 2 Lacrosse
Charlie Kelly 4 Track
Kevin Kelly Baseball
Sean Kelly 2 Track
Sherrill Kester 2 Soccer
Alan Kincel Lacrosse
Megan King Rowing
Kristina Koehler Swimming
Susan Kraeger 3 Soccer
Matt Krauss 2 Golf
Elizabeth Kreul-Starr 2 Track
Katherine Lakin Rowing
Tom Larkin Football
Robb Leandro 3 Football
Jennifer Lee Swimming
Amie Lehman 4 Golf
Jessica Levi 2 Rowing
Melissa Lewis 2 Track
Noah Lewkowitz Soccer
Keith Lindsey Track
Meagan Lobo-Berg Soccer
Jeff Lonergan Football
Chrissy Lukasiewicz 4 Volleyball
Nicole Litle Rowing
James Martin 2 Track
Tricia Martin Lacrosse
Scott Maslin 2 Soccer
Dave Mason 3 Baseball
Mark Mattern Soccer
Jamal McClendon Soccer
Erin McClure 3 Cross Country
Brian McCulley Track
Kristen McElduff 2 Lacrosse
Brendan McGill 4 Swimming
Mary McHugh Rowing
Donald McIntosh Soccer
Mike McKeever 2 Track
Janay McKie Track
Brendan McLaughlin Swimming
Sean Meakim Wrestling
Kim Meyer Rowing
Laura Meyer Track
Allison Michels Lacrosse
Megan Miller 2 Tennis
Stephen Misuraca Swimming
Mike Mitchell Wrestling
Ilana Morgan Swimming
Peter Muller 2 Track
Lauren Nathan Swimming
Jack Newhouse Swimming
Margaret Ng 3 Cross Country
Amy Noble 3 Lacrosse
Scott Noble Soccer
Angie North 2 Field Hockey
Lindsey O’Connell 2 Swimming
Brigal Padia 2 Wrestling
Luke Palmisano 2 Wrestling
Rochelle Parent Basketball
Brian Pascal Fencing
Gregory Patchak 2 Lacrosse
Stephen Pate Soccer
Meredith Pavia 2 Rowing
Andres Pedroso 2 Tennis
Sarah Peifer Volleyball
Trevor Perea Soccer
Erica Perrier Field Hockey
Dominque Philipp 2 Volleyball
Adam Pichman Wrestling
Ioana Plesu 2 Tennis
Drew Preslar Football
Beau Raich Wrestling
Lisa Rauenzahn 2 Rowing
Byron Rausenberger Soccer
Katie Regan 2 Lacrosse
Elise Richards Rowing
Russell Richards Wrestling
Jenn Robb2 Field Hockey
Courtney Rodgers 3 Lacrosse
Lindsay Rodman Rowing
Dan Roediger 4 Lacrosse
Spencer Romine 4 Football
Doug Root 3 Tennis
Luke Roush 4 Football
Michael Russell Lacrosse
Robert Russell Soccer
Heather Ryan Track
Kevin Sakuda 2 Soccer
Demetrio Sanchez Soccer
Alison Sanders Soccer
David Saap Track
Eva Sayre 2 Lacrosse
Kristin Sbarra 3 Cross Country
Tim Schaefer 4 Track
Jodi Schlesinger Track
Nick Schmitz 2 Lacrosse
Steve Schroeder 3 Baseball
Craig Schubert 3 Lacrosse
Jillian Schwartz 2 Track
Stuart Schwartz 3 Lacrosse
Georgia Schweitzer 2 Basketball
Deborah Seibold Rowing
Kristin Seith Lacrosse
Kathy Sell 2 Tennis
Joseph Serrill 2 Wrestling
Ryan Shannon 3 Football
Gannon Shepherd 3 Football
Brooke Siebel 4 Tennis
J.D. Simpson Basketball
Prim Siripipat Tennis
Andrew Skurka Track
Anne Marie Smith Swimming
Daegan Smith Wrestling
Daniel Smith 2 Fencing
Ramsey Smith 2 Tennis
Rebecca Smith Soccer
Courtney Sommer 3 Field Hockey
Jill Sonne Volleyball
Kate Soulier 2 Lacrosse
Sarah Spalding Track
Joel Spicher Tennis
Bill Spierdowis 2 Cross Country
Ryan Spoon Swimming
Anne Stanislawczyk 4 Field Hockey
Carrie Starr Lacrosse
Bryce Steeg Football
Sarah Stephens 2 Volleyball
Betsy Stewart Swimming
Chase Stock 3 Lacrosse
Andrew Stoud Lacrosse
Claire Sullivan 2 Lacrosse
Megan Sullivan Track
Justin Suszko 2 Swimming
Jennifer Tate Fencing
Robert Thomas Track
Gideon Thompson 2 Baseball
Hadley Trotter Soccer
Kasey Truman Soccer
Paul Tucker 3 Golf
Paul Tzur 3 Swimming
Rachel Vander Griend Volleyball
James Vasak 4 Track
Katarine Von Egressy Fencing
Christopher Vrettos 4 Fencing
Alexander Wade Football
Crystal Wakulich Rowing
Lindley Wall 2 Rowing
Justin Ward Swimming
Joe Watt 3 Lacrosse
Beck Weathers 3 Fencing
Emily Weinert Track
Brendan Wells 2 Track
Josie Weymann Volleyball
Andrew White Baseball
Charles White 3 Fencing
Ashley Wick 2 Lacrosse
Anne Wickman Track
Letavious Wilks 2 Football
Ryan Williamingham Golf
Camille Wilson 4 Track
Luke Wood Track
Maddy Woodmansee Track
Taylor Wray Lacrosse
Stephanie Weh Rowing
Mike Zulandt 3 Track
Olivier Zwolsman 2 Soccer
Florida State 171
Matthew Ackley Golf
Kristen Adams 3 Swimming
Nathan Adams Cross Country
Lindsay Adkins-Osborn 4 Track
David Anderson Basketball
Kia Asberg 3 Tennis
Ryan Atkins Cross Country
Steve Augustine 2 Track
Bruno Avila 3 Track
Jessica Balbuena 2 Tennis
Ryan Barr 2 Track
Ryan Barthelemy Baseball
Brooke Bastien Cross Country
Molly Beal Basketball
Summer Bell Swimming
John Bentley 2 Baseball
Nathan Bertsch 3 Golf
Geary Bland 2 Track
Lauren Bradley Basketball
Staci Brandon Softball
Becky Brock 2 Softball
Kingsley Broughton 3 Cross Country
Rufus Brown Football
Stacey Burgin 2 Golf
Brent Burkman 3 Swimming
Cynthia Campbell 2 Cross Country
Matt Cangiolosi 3 Cross Country
Natalie Carratala 3 Tennis
Christy Cech Swimming
Jessica Chaplinsky Track
Danny Chocron 2 Swimming
Daniel Clark Cross Country
Latavia Coleman Basketball
Kristy Connell Cross Country
Keith Cottrell 2 Football
Sarah Crawford Soccer
Devon Crock Swimming
Sarah Deacon Soccer
Jason Dean 2 Track
Liska Dedekind 2 Swimming
Leslie Del Rio Soccer
Jill Deviese Swimming
Courtney Dipert 2 Volleyball
Otis Duhart Football
Andrea Dulmage Cross Country
Nanette Duxin 2 Tennis
Heather Dyche 2 Soccer
Elliott Elias Tennis
Stephanie Elowsky Softball
Kevin Flanagan 4 Swimming
Steven Forson Swimming
Daniel Fritz Cross Country
Kristin Frye Volleyball
Vanessa Fuchs 3 Basketball
Alida Gallovits Tennis
Jennifer Garcia Soccer
Ansley Gascoigne Soccer
Mary Gaskins 3 Cross Country
Robyn Gauger Softball
Patrick Gerberich Track
Shannon Goff Swimming
Amber Goodwin 2 Swimming
Gregory Gorski Track
Brett Groves Baseball
Tanya Gurr 2 Swimming
Jamie Gurtov 2 Soccer
Chance Gwaltney Football
Janey Hallberg Soccer
Ashley Halter 3 Soccer
Iain Harnden 2 Track
Pete Henderson 2 Football
Ryan Hicks Cross Country
Karen Hirai 2 Swimming
Karin Holmstedt Swimming
Chris Hope 2 Football
Douglas Hughs Football
Mike Ingham 4 Tennis
Jean Jeune 2 Football
Jayson Jones 2 Track
Kimberly Jones Track
Meredith Jones Soccer
Mahina Kaleikini Football
Jonathan Kaplan 2 Swimming
Kristen Keelan Swimming
Laura Kowalski 4 Golf
Brian Kraft Baseball
Karyn Krenauw Swimming
Kavan Lake Football
Kenyun Langston 3 Track
Karen Lawsky Swimming
Erica Lazarus 2 Cross Country
Michael Lespinasse Football
Andrew Lewis Golf
Megan Lock Swimming
Jason Lopez 3 Golf
Bradley Lusenhop Golf
Matt Lynch Baseball
Andi Lyons 2 Softball
Chad Maeder 2 Football
Michael Maier 3 Cross Country
Leslie Malerich Softball
Trish Martin Soccer
Emanuel Mathis Basketball
Amber McClain 2 Swimming
Elizabeth McCumber Golf
Erin McGee Cross Country
Kerry Miano 2 Track
Myesha Miller Track
Jarad Moon Football
Nelson Mora Swimming
LaKeisha Mose 2 Track
Ashley Moye 2 Track
Zuzette Mullings 4 Track
April Murphy 3 Soccer
Elizabeth Nagy Swimming
Teri Norton 2 Track
Chinyelu Nwobu Track
Christy Peacock Soccer
Lauren Piatt Track
Elizabeth Pound Volleyball
Charles Proulx 4 Track
Marina Raic 2 Tennis
Eric Richardson Cross Country
Kelly Robinson Soccer
Eric Roman 2 Baseball
Brandi Rook Cross Country
Amber Russell Track
Marya Sabesky 4 Swimming
Kristen Sanborn 2 Golf
William Schultz Swimming
Alexandra Sevillano Volleyball
Casey Shea 2 Golf
Oliver Simmons 2 Basketball
Ryan Sprague 2 Football
Michaela Steele 3 Track
Shannon Steele Track
Harry Stinson Track
Brandi Stuart Softball
Nick Stuart Cross Country
Jared Sweetser Track
Seth Swisher Swimming
Kristin Tamulis Golf
Sarah Tatum Track
Brady Thomas Cross Country
Aisha Thornton 3 Volleyball
Nathan Timm Cross Country
Levys Torres Basketball
Christy Travis 3 Tennis
Jay Travis 3 Tennis
Maarten Van den Heuvel Cross Country
Todd Vanden-Heuvel Football
Blair Varnes Baseball
Maren Vik Edvardsen Soccer
Gary Visser 2 Track
Katelyn Vujas Basketball
Beth Wade Softball
Becky Wallace 3 Softball
Ali Weber 4 Tennis
Chris Weinke 3 Football
Jennifer Werrick Volleyball
Ryan West Baseball
Chris Whidden 2 Baseball
Nick Whidden 2 Baseball
Jennifer White-Stokes Softball
Sara White 3 Track
Christine Williams Swimming
Byron Wittenberg Football
Louise Wright 3 Golf
Brooke Wyckoff 3 Basketball
Mason Yost 2 Track
Kevin Zuelch 4 Golf
Georgia Tech 94
Courtney Adler Volleyball
Sergio Aguirre 3 Tennis
Cindy Arroyo Track/Cross Country
Shilo Ayalon Swimming
Jon Babul 3 Basketball
Brett Basquin 4 Football
Kyleen Bell 2 Volleyball
Tim Bibby 3 Tennis
Matthew Boggs 3 Baseball
Chip Brown 3 Golf
Dan Burnette Football
Kevin Cameron Baseball
Nicole Campbell 2 Track
Carolyn Clevenger 4 Volleyball
Romain Coirault 2 Tennis
Julie Conlon Track/Cross Country
Adam Cranford 2 Golf
Oliver Deijni 3 Track
Danielle Donehew 4 Basketball
Dan Dyke 2 Football
Ashley Espy 2 Track
John Fennessy 2 Swimming
Eric Fitzgerald Track/Cross Country
Carlton Forrester 2 Golf
Robbie Foster Swimming
Tina Frey 3 Track
Phillip Gable 2 Track
Charles Gersbach 2 Swimming
Derik Goffena Baseball
Jason Grier 3 Track
Kenneth Grimes 3 Track
Bobbi Guthrie 2 Tennis
Will Hardy Football
Eric Hunter Swimming
Tamarra Jenkin 4 Tennis
Brent Johnson 2 Track
Judy Johnson 4 Track
Steve Kelly Baseball
Anne Knobbe 2 Softball
Matt Kuchar 2 Golf
David Laitala 2 Swimming
Malcolm Leason 5 Track
Richard Lewis 2 Baseball
Amy Lingenfelder Basketball
Hank Longmire 2 Swimming
Ron Mabra Football
Brendon Mahoney Track/Cross Country
Troy Matteson 2 Golf
Jared McGehee 3 Track
Sara McKee 4 Volleyball
Brian Meager 3 Football
Kris Mikkelsen 2 Golf
Mason Miller 2 Tennis
Matt Miller Football
Suzanne Miller Softball
Brad Mills 5 Track
Bryce Molder 3 Golf
Mysti Morris Tennis
Winston Neal Basketball
James Nozar 2 Swimming
Carl Nylander 2 Swimming
Jamie Ostrov Track/Cross Country
Jahmal Overton 4 Baseball
Laura Ozolins 2 Tennis
Maja Pachale 2 Volleyball
Sara Pardue 2 Track
Charlotte Pernet Tennis
Jason Perry Baseball
Kyle Perry 2 Basketball
Philip Perry Baseball
Kelley Rhino Football
Wes Rynders Baseball
James Salazar Swimming
Leo Salinas 2 Swimming
Lacey Schanz Softball
Lauren Schwartz 2 Softball
Chris Sinotte 2 Track
Jamie Smith 2 Softball
Joe Stegall 3 Track
Matthew Swain Baseball
Regina Tate 3 Basketball
Mark Teixeira 2 Baseball
Tosin Tomori 4 Track
James Traylor Track/Cross Country
Tomonori Tsuji Swimming
Dustin Vaitekunas Football
Cory Vance Baseball
Beth Warren 3 Softball
Jeff Watchko Baseball
Brent Williams 4 Track
Jaime Wong Tennis
Cassandra Worthy Track/Cross Country
Tishanna Worthy 4 Track
Robert Wright 3 Tennis
Maryland 181
Jen Adams 2 Lacrosse
Chris Ade Track
Chris Ader Track
Libby Alberts 2 Volleyball/Softball
Holly Baldwin 2 Softball
Matt Basinger Baseball
Mark Baxter Swimming
Kenneth Beck 2 Baseball
Monique Berry 2 Track
Kevin Bishop Football
Lorraine Bittles Tennis
Kim Blouin Lacrosse
Marjorie Bollinger 2 Track
Rob Booth Wrestling
Kerri Bowers Track
Kelly Bowman 2 Swimming
Ryan Brannan Swimming
Vicki Brick Basketball
Aranda Brown Track
Shannon Buckley 2 Gymnastics
Scott Buete Soccer
Elize Burke 3 Gymnastics
Megan Burke Track
Geoff Burnham 4 Lacrosse
Michelle Burrell 3 Softball
Eric Calendine 2 Football
Jillian Callaway Softball
Andrew Capelle Lacrosse
Quinn Carney 3 Lacrosse
Danielle Carpenter 2 Softball
Punnie Chittchang Track
Lawrence Chou 2 Tennis
Erin Clasper Golf
Casey Connor Lacrosse
Gillian Cote 2 Gymnastics
Gregory Courtois 2 Swimming
Kristin Crawford Lacrosse
Carter Crowther Golf
Lisa DeGrechie 2 Track
Tami DeGrechie 3 Track
Candyce DeLoatch 4 Track
Rachel Dolbin Gymnastics
Willette Dority 2 Volleyball
Jaime Dorshimer Track
Natalie Dye Track
Zoe Ehrlich Field Hockey
Karyn Fein 3 Gymnastics
Jonathan Ferguson Swimming
Tara Foran 3 Lacrosse
Bridget Frande Lacrosse
Catherine Gardner Gymnastics
Brianna Gerrity 2 Swimming
Jennifer Gibson Golf
David Giger Swimming
Matt Gilbert 3 Swimming
Hilary Goldman Swimming
James Gondak 2 Track
Cara Gorman Lacrosse
Terri Greer Soccer
Matthew Hahn 4 Basketball
Jamie Hammond 2 Baseball
Sally Harrison Soccer
Rachel Hayes Track
Keith Helman Lacrosse
Ashleye Henyan Swimming
Shelly Hernandez 3 Gymnastics
Brian Higgins 2 Track
Robyn Hladish 2 Swimming
Ashley Hohnstein Field Hockey
Christine Holcombe 2 Gymnastics
Beckett Hollenbach 2 Soccer
Jenna Hough 2 Swimming
Niav Hughes Lacrosse
Dana Jarzyniecki Soccer
Christy Jenkins Lacrosse
Kit Johnson 2 Gymnastics
John Kemezis 3 Lacrosse
Dan Kenshalo 3 Tennis
Kim King Soccer
Angie Klingerman Field Hockey
Carrie Klotz 2 Soccer
Lori Koch Golf
Justyn Kopack Lacrosse
Brian Kopka 3 Football
Meghan Krodel Track
Marcus LaChapelle 4 Lacrosse
Andrew Langan Track
Sean Leary Lacrosse
Eve Lerner 3 Track
Christian Lewis 3 Soccer
Debbie Lieberman 2 Soccer
Jeanine Lloyd 2 Swimming
Andrew Long 2 Track
Larry Long 4 Baseball
Kristin Lubas Track
Rebecca Mack 2 Track
Cortney Madea 4 Softball
Phil Maher 2 Swimming
Mike Mardesich 2 Basketball
Jill Martin Swimming
Courtney Martinez 2 Lacrosse
Daniel McCormick Lacrosse
Vita McKenna Soccer
Alyssa Mealey 2 Gymnastics
Lisa Mealey 2 Gymnastics
Carissa Messimer Field Hockey
Stacey Minott Track
John Moheyer Golf
Mike Mollot Lacrosse
Laura Moon Gymnastics
Jodi Morgan Gymnastics
Lesley Muldoon Swimming
Kerri Mulligan 2 Lacrosse
Craig Munroe 2 Baseball
Beth Murphy 2 Volleyball
Jackie Mynarski 4 Soccer
Thema Napier 2 Track
Kevin Necessary 3 Lacrosse
Julia Nelson Soccer
Grant Newman 4 Wrestling
Katy Novotny 2 Swimming
Matt Pandullo Wrestling
Brian Patenaude 3 Baseball
Tyler Pharr 2 Soccer
Debra Pinkston 2 Swimming
Cathy Porter 3 Track
Jennifer Potzman 3 Softball
Michael Prada Track
Stefanie Robinson Softball
Chris Roddy Swimming
Scott Rudolph 3 Football
Jessica Ruskin Swimming
Steve Schmoll Baseball
Ricky Sears Lacrosse
Keri Seher 2 Track
Carol Senkler 2 Field Hockey
Riki-Ann Serrins 3 Soccer
Julie Shank Lacrosse
Alison Shea 3 Swimming
Mike Shebuski Soccer
Kateri Simon Field Hockey
David Slye 3 Swimming
Courtney-Leigh Smith 4 Swimming
Keli Smith Field Hockey
Kimberly Smith Track
Lauren Smith Swimming
Virginia Solomon Lacrosse
Amber Stanley Track
Lisa Stasiulewicz Swimming
Maren Stuart Volleyball
Lora Stutzman Track
Kristin Sudina Lacrosse
Shawn Sullivan 2 Track
Melissa Sweeney Lacrosse
Katie Swiss Swimming
Carina Tennessen 2 Swimming
Chrissie Terrill 2 Tennis
Jill Thomas Swimming
Holly Thornton Golf
Shannon Toback Volleyball
Marie Tomarelli 3 Swimming
Jen Treat Softball
Rashida Twiggs Track
Keith Unikel 4 Golf
Catherine Valantin Tennis
Wendy VanNorden 2 Lacrosse
Bob Vorhies Wrestling
Stacy Walkowitz 2 Tennis
Caroline Walter 2 Field Hockey
Emily Ward 5 Field Hockey
Jason Ward 4 Swimming
Tori Wellington Lacrosse
Autumn Welsh 2 Field Hockey
Debra Wheat 2 Lacrosse
Megan White Track
Daryl Whitmer Baseball
Todd Wike Football
Autumn Wilson 2 Volleyball
Alison Wolff Soccer
Amanda Wolicki Track
Jamie Wu 2 Football
North Carolina 240
Erika Acuff Swimming
Lauren Agrella 3 Rowing
Jack Alsup Lacrosse
Heather Angell 2 Golf
Ahad Athar 2 Tennis
Seth Axford Fencing
Matthew Baldwin Swimming
Nathan Baldwin Baseball
James Barnwell 3 Wrestling
Emma Batchelor 2 Rowing
Jason Beamon 3 Football
Andrew Biedrzycki 2 Swimming
Heather Blair 3 Fencing
Leah Blankenburg Rowing
Richard Bohart Football
Willem Bok 2 Swimming
Robert Borbet Track
Ben Brousseau Football
Krista Buchholz Volleyball
Michael Bucy 3 Soccer
Jeni Burnette 4 Tennis
Brad Byers Wrestling
Michael Callahan 2 Swimming
Layne Carey Rowing
Ryan Carfley Football
Stephen Cash Soccer
Kestutis Celisius Track
Anne Chaffee Gymnastics
Courtney Chambers Basketball
Marina Chase Track
David Cheatwood 2 Tennis
Michael Chenier Swimming
William Cherry 2 Golf
Beth Colacurcio Swimming
Ann Collier Lacrosse
Laura Collier Swimming
Megan Collins Lacrosse
Johanna Costa 2 Soccer
Josh Cowley 2 Wrestling
William Crafford 2 Wrestling
Matt Crawford Soccer
Jeanette Crets 2 Rowing
Matthew Crowe 4 Fencing
David Cunningham Track
Michael Curry Wrestling
Jason Danforth Swimming
Rachel Daniels 2 Rowing
Ben Davidson Swimming
Bradley Davis 2 Fencing
DeAnne Davis 2 Track
Erika Dempsey 2 Soccer
Kristin DePlatchett 2 Soccer
Kimberlee Dilda 3 Rowing
Stefani Dixon 4 Track
Candace Doby Track
Ian Douglas 2 Track
Benjamin Ehrich Fencing
Joseph Elia 2 Fencing
Ben Elix Tennis
Jeffery Ellis Track
Christopher Elmore 5 Baseball
James Everett Basketball
Karen Everitt 4 Track
Annie Fair Fencing
James Faison Football
Elizabeth Feldman 3 Volleyball
Ilana Finley 4 Track
BJ Finnerty 3 Baseball
Melissa Fiss Swimming
Nicole Foran Lacrosse
Stacy Fox Softball
Joy Gaines 2 Track
Jennifer Gardner 2 Swimming
Austin Garrison Lacrosse
Elizabeth George 3 Track
Stacey Geyer Track
Sarah Givan 2 Swimming
Tyrell Godwin 2 Baseball
Cameron Golden 2 Golf
Maggie Goloboy 2 Basketball
Michael Goodman 3 Track
Laura Greene Volleyball
Jamie Groudle 5 Wrestling
Asa Gustavsson Volleyball
Julie Haines Track
Natalie Halbach Gymnastics
Erin Harkins Rowing
Jasper Harris Lacrosse
Max Harris 3 Golf
Drew Hathaway Swimming
Katie Hathaway Swimming
Chad Hayes Fencing
Susan Hayes 2 Field Hockey
Laura Hays Fencing
Elizabeth Haywood Fencing
Jason Helton Football
Jeremy Heuts Fencing
Heather Higgins Rowing
Melissa Higgins 2 Volleyball
Caroline Hill 2 Tennis
Jonathan Holmes Basketball
Clay Hooper 2 Baseball
Holly Huff 4 Field Hockey
Brad Hyler Golf
John Igoe Wrestling
Amber Janak 2 Rowing
Stephanie Jilcott 3 Track
Greg Johnson Swimming
Kert Johnson Swimming
Will Johnson Basketball
Royce Jones Jr Track
Nick Jordan Soccer
Beth Jutus 3 Track
Kalli Kamholz Soccer
Ilana Kavadlo 2 Swimming
Kara Kerscher Rowing
Julie Kickham 3 Lacrosse
Bradley Kline Swimming
Rachel Kolbinsky 3 Rowing
Kathy Konczal 2 Volleyball
Stephen Krebs Swimming
Amr Abu Laban Soccer
Matt Laczkowski Basketball
Helen Lawler 4 Soccer
Matt Laycock 3 Soccer
George Leach Fencing
Rusty Lee Wrestling
Allison Lentz Track
Harrison Lord Fencing
Kate Lyons Rowing
Gray MacNair 4 Lacrosse
Todd Maher 4 Lacrosse
Louis Marchetti 3 Football
Jay Marlowe 2 Fencing
Julia Marslendar 2 Soccer
Chase Martin Lacrosse
Ross McAllister 3 Football
Kristen McCann 4 Field Hockey
Terrance McCrae Track
Meredith McDermott 3 Gymnastics
Raven McDonald Soccer
George McIntosh Football
Kelly McLaughlin 4 Swimming
Jodie Meadows 2 Gymnastics
Kevin Mehm 4 Lacrosse
Trystan Meniane Tennis
David Meschke 2 Swimming
Kristin Miller Rowing
Tara Miranda 2 Fencing
Charlotte Mitchell 4 Soccer
Meghan Mohler Lacrosse
Stephen Mohr Swimming
Brad Moldin Golf
Mandy Morrison 3 Soccer
Daniel Moylan Baseball
Tina Murphy 2 Soccer
Erin Neppel 3 Rowing
Meghan Neumann 2 Fencing
Maureen Noh 3 Fencing
John O’Hara Lacrosse
Kristin Off 2 Lacrosse
Beth Olen 3 Softball
Clint Osborn 3 Wrestling
Jess Osterman Lacrosse
JoAnn Overton 3 Swimming
Julie Pasqualini 2 Gymnastics
Dana Peirce 3 Rowing
Steve Perdue Lacrosse
Meredith Petit 3 Fencing
Lindsay Pichaske Rowing
Jessica Pierce Rowing
Megan Piper 4 Gymnastics
Crystal Pollard Track
Matt Rabil 2 Lacrosse
Nikki Reader 4 Track
Anne Remy Soccer
Chad Riley 2 Tennis
Danae Ringelmann 2 Rowing
Erica Roberts 4 Gymnastics
Val Rogers Swimming
Stefanie Rulis Swimming
Brooke Rushiensky Volleyball
Lily Russell Rowing
Elizabeth Scanlon Rowing
Caitlyn Scheuer 2 Rowing
Brooke Schildwachter 3 Lacrosse
Casey Scott Rowing
Mark Seidman 3 Swimming
Kate Sidebottom 4 Field Hockey
Tracey Siler Track
Dave Slawinski 3 Swimming
Jessica Sloan 3 Fencing
Julie Smith Track
Shannon Smith 2 Volleyball
C.J. Steffen 2 Soccer
Heather Stiles Swimming
Lindsay Stoecker 4 Soccer
Danley Stone Swimming
Jennifer Strasburger 4 Swimming
Erika Streck 2 Field Hockey
Alison Stewart Field Hockey
Meghan Stringer 4 Lacrosse
David Stroupe Track
Heather Tanner 3 Track
Larry Taub Fencing
Jeb Terry Football
Brad Thomas Soccer
Kellie Thompson Lacrosse
Kimberly Timberlake 3 Track
Jennifer Tomon Rowing
Kimberly Treiber 3 Fencing
Kyle Treiber 3 Fencing
Janna Turner Swimming
Jonah Turner 2 Swimming
Michael Ueltschey Soccer
Malaika Underwood Volleyball
Dashiell Victor 2 Track
Zachary Victor Track
Long Vo Fencing
Jennie Voishan Lacrosse
Erica Vrana Swimming
Jordan Walker Soccer
Kelly Walker 4 Gymnastics
P.J. Wallin Swimming
Hal Wansley Swimming
Jon Wean 2 Soccer
Whitney Weber Track
Amy Whittier Soccer
Porter Wilkinson 2 Lacrosse
Steven Will Lacrosse
Brooke Wilson Gymnastics
Jessica Wilson 2 Lacrosse
Jake Wiltshire Football
Marjorie Witter Swimming
William Woodroffe Soccer
Noz Yamauchi 2 Soccer
Meghan Young Fencing
Sarah Young 2 Softball
Courtney Zalinski Tennis
Christian Zuberg 4 Swimming
NC State 144
Brandon Adams Football
Tara Adams Swimming
Suha Akman Swimming
Jordan Allison Soccer
Rebecca Anderson Volleyball
Jonathan Atwater Swimming
Erin Bailey Swimming
Jeremy Ballenger 4 Soccer
Frances Barragan 4 Tennis
Amy Bary Soccer
Andy Baxter 3 Baseball
Tony Bean Rifle
Lauren Bendahan Soccer
Amy Beykirch 3 Cross Country/Track
Ryan Boward 2 Tennis
Harold Bowker 2 Cross Country/Track
Roberto Bracone 4 Tennis
Zach Breitenbach 3 Wrestling
Kelli Brown 2 Gymnastics
Erin Bushey Soccer
Randy Cass 2 Track
Kara Charles 3 Gymnastics
Jennifer Cheek Swimming
Annemarie Clark 4 Track
Carlos Cobo Soccer
Kimberly Collins Cross Co/Track
Karen Cone 2 Swimming
Megan Coombs Cross Co/Track
Christina Corro 2 Swimming
Nathan Cretarolo Baseball
Richard Culberson 3 Swimming
Deval Desai 2 Tennis
Sara Dolan 3 Gymnastics
Rachel Donnelly Soccer
Cara Dougherty Gymnastics
Yvonne Downing Cross Co/Track
Melinda Dubose 2 Cross Co./Track
Christopher Dugan 2 Cross Co/Track
Rachel Durr Soccer
Scott Earwood 3 Football
Mark Eberlie 2 Swimming
Meredith Faircloth 5 Cross Co./Track
Laura Ferguson 5 Soccer
Emily Fess 3 Swimming
Levar Fisher Football
Michael Fitzula 3 Cross Co./Track
Charlotte Fonner Cross Co/Track
George Franklin Football
Jonathan Fuenmayor Soccer
Ryan Furlough Track
Annamaria Gazda Swimming
Gabriele Glover Tennis
Marvin Godwin Golf
Joseph Gray Jr Football
Derek Green 2 Football
Lea Gunnell Soccer
Timothy Haley 2 Swimming
John Hampton Basketball
Lloyd Harrison 2 Football
Tiffany Heath 2 Track
Diana Henderson Cross Co/Track
Phillip Herndl Soccer
Braden Holloway 2 Swimming
Wesley Horne Golf
Michael Houston Football
Alexandra Hutton Soccer
John Ihnatolya 2 Track
Laura Jazab 2 Gymnastics
Kelly Jordan Soccer
Andrew Kerins Track
Adam Kiker Football
Beth Kraft 3 Cross Country/Track
Alison Kreager 2 Volleyball
Gretchen Lear Soccer
Reuben Ledbetter 2 Wrestling
Richard Lee Baseball
Joseph Lion 2 Track
Alisha Little Cross Country/Track
Marlyn Madey Gymnastics
Allison Magner Volleyball
Stephen Matthews Swimming
Butch McClelland 6 Track
Marcia Merritt Track
Katherine Messerschmidt 3 CC/Track
Eve Meyerson 2 Soccer
Mary Mittendorf 3 Swimming
Jennifer Modliszewski 2 Track/CC
Carisse Moody Basketball
Cameron Morris 3 Track
Erin Musson 4 Cross Country/Track
Kristen Nicholls 2 Tennis
Christy Nichols 4 Cross Co./Track
David Nichols Baseball
Nicholas Olivencia 2 Soccer
Mary Osada 5 Cross Country/Track
Elizabeth Otwell 2 Swimming
Lauren Palefsky 2 Gymnastics
Charles Parks Golf
David Patterson Cross Country/Track
Jennifer Pearce Soccer
Benjamin Petty 2 Basketball
Corby Pons 2 Track
Chan Pons 5 Cross Country
Melissa Pressley Soccer
Meredith Price 3 Volleyball
Frank Ragsdale Rifle
Jonathan Ray 3 Rifle
Lindsey Rogers 2 CC/Track
Lindsey Rosen Soccer
Brian Rosenthal Tennis
Katie Sabino 3 Cross Country/Track
Jagjeet Sandhu Tennis
Shane Sealy 2 Tennis
Colette Seville Soccer
Katie Sheridan Swimming
Rebecca Silverstein 2 Gymnastics
Amy Simpson Basketball
Kyle Smith 2 Soccer
Peter Sollie 2 Baseball
Greg Solt Swimming
Stephanie Southard Gymnastics
Adina Stock Gymnastics
Landis Strader Tennis
Erica Strickland 2 Gymnastics
Sarah Strickland 3 Track/Cross Co.
Justin Struble Track
Karen Sykes 2 Track/Cross Country
Shaun Thomas Tennis
Shannon Tully 3 Soccer
Marc Turnesa Golf
Joseph Upton Rifle
Nicole Vanderbeke 2 Swimming
Susan Vogt 2 Swimming
Wellsley Wallace Swimming
Jurian Washington Football
Ross Weikel 2 Soccer
Angela Welch 2 Gymnastics
Kimberly Whitaker Swimming
Zack Whitlow 3 Track
Charece Williams 2 Volleyball
Jonathan Williams Wrestling
Scott Wirgau 3 Cross Country/Track
Travis Withers 2 Wrestling
Jake Woehr 3 Track
Virginia 202
Nicholas Acquavella 2 Tennis
Brandon Alexander Track
Erin Allinder Softball
Caitlin Anderson 2 Swimming
Elizabeth Arnebeck 3 Rowing
Catherine Arnette Volleyball
Lauren Aumiller Lacrosse
Kevin Bailey Football
Alyssa Benitez Soccer
Matthew Beran 2 Soccer
Jason Bernd 3 Wrestling
Brian Best Swimming
Whitney Bilger 4 Volleyball
Timothy Bilmanis Track
Ryan Binder Lacrosse
Jeffrey Binggeli 2 Cross Co./Track
Jennifer Blomberg 3 Rowing
Mirjana Bosevska Swimming
Sarah Brennan Rowing
Karen Breshears Softball
Lauren Brown 2 Rowing
David Bruce Lacrosse
Jillian Bumler Softball
David Burman Lacrosse
Curtis Bush 2 Soccer
Emily Carrig 4 Swimming
Jaime Cattano Lacrosse
Cary Chandler Track
Chris Chatham 3 Tennis
Jonathan Chou 2 Tennis
Eric Christensen Baseball
Tamara Clark Rowing
Courtney Colbert 3 Swimming
Jeanna Composti Cross Co/Track
Dana Coons 2 Track/Cross Country
Natalie Crane 4 Field Hockey
Kimberly Crawford 4 Track
Thomas Croker Tennis
Rebecca Cronk 4 Swimming
Andrea Czarkowski Rowing
Matthew D’Acunto 3 Football
Blythe Daly 3 Rowing
Jeffrey Dawkins 4 Tennis
Alissa DeCarlo 4 Lacrosse
Andrew DeMartino Wrestling
Willie Dersch Basketball
Sarah Dondero Rowing
Colin Ducharme 4 Basketball
Andrew Dugger 2 Football
Michael Duquette Tennis
Amy Eastwood 2 Cross Co./Track
Daniel Ellis 2 Football
Thomas Ellis Cross Country/Track
Meredith Elwell 3 Field Hockey
Patrick English Cross Co./Track
Jonathan Farrell Cross Country
Lisa Favreau Swimming
Sean Feeney Soccer
Jared Felker Swimming
Michael Feller 2 Soccer
Craig Fenstermaker 2 Wrestling
Koren Forster Swimming
Amy Fromal 4 Lacrosse
Jennifer Gardner Cross Co./Track
Julie Gehm 3 Swimming
Ryan Gibbs Soccer
Annie Gill Swimming
Michelle Giller 3 Rowing
Corinne Good 4 Softball
Carrie Goodloe 2 Field Hockey
David Greene 3 Football
James Grimes 2 Swimming
Stephen Gross 2 Cross Co./Track
Adam Hall Basketball
Jillian Hansen 2 Lacrosse
Jennifer Harmon 2 Volleyball
Antwan Harris Football
Kristen Haughey Cross Co./Track
Ilan Hausner Cross Country/Track
Helen Hill 3 Rowing
Christina Hillson 2 Rowing
Elizabeth Hook Lacrosse
Lisa Hosac 2 Basketball
Libby Hoyle 3 Lacrosse
Angela Hucles 2 Soccer
Aslynn Johnson Rowing
Joshua Jones 2 Football
Katherine Jones 3 Volleyball
Ryan Kalamaya 2 Baseball
Megan Kaminski 2 Cross Co./Track
Thomas Keiper Baseball
Micah Kimball Football
Kristin Knudson Swimming
Keith Kobyra 2 Football
Mark Koontz 2 Lacrosse
Elena Kravchenko Basketball
Simona Kuipers Volleyball
Shivin Kwatra 2 Golf
Noel LaMontagne 3 Football
Fletcher Lane Baseball
Lindsay Larsen 3 Cross Co./Track
Mary Beth LaVerghetta 2 Lacrosse
Cade Lemcke 2 Basketball
Megan Leo 2 Soccer
Marshall Leonard Soccer
Ruiguang Lian 2 Track
Laura Lindsay 4 Field Hockey/Lacrosse
Lori Lindsey Soccer
Kase Luzar Football
Risa Mandzuk Rowing
Majestic Mapp Basketball
Christopher Marinak 2 Baseball
Roger Mason Basketball
Melanie Matthews Cross Country
Jill Maxwell 2 Soccer
Liz McCarthy 2 Lacrosse
Ryan McGeary 4 Swimming
Drew McKnight 2 Lacrosse
Erin McMorrow 2 Track
Michael Mitchell Golf
Ed Moses 2 Swimming
Robbie Moutoux 5 Wrestling
Ryan Myerberg Lacrosse
Logan Nicholson Football
Margot Noordzij 3 Rowing
Amy O’Donnell 2 Tennis
Drew O’Donnell Soccer
Ben O’Neil 3 Lacrosse
William Palmer 5 Cross Country/Track
Abby Parker Swimming
William Parker Baseball
Jessica Parsons 2 Volleyball
Amy Peay 4 Softball
McRae Petrey Rowing
David Poppert Baseball
William Quayle Lacrosse
Christina Quinn 2 Softball
Peter Ragosa 3 Lacrosse
Courtney Raker Soccer
Abby Ramirez Rowing
Austin Ramirez 4 Swimming
Jessica Ray Rowing
Richard Reid 4 Lacrosse
Meredith Rhodes Soccer
Emily Richard Rowing
Julia Richardson Field Hockey
Sharon Riedlinger 4 Swimming
Lindsay Ritter Soccer
Kyla Robinson 3 Soccer
Renee Robinson Basketball
Megan Roesch 2 Swimming
Leo Rohr Cross Country/Track
Jason Romesburg 2 Tennis
Justin Rubinstein Football
Matthew Ruhl Cross Country/Track
Megan Schwartz Cross Co/Track
Christina Schweer 3 Tennis
Robert Schwieters 3 Track
Mary Frances Scott 4 Volleyball
George Seals Jr. 2 Football
Thomas Sharpe Swimming
Jenny Sherman 2 Rowing
Joe Shrum Swimming
Lindsay Siegner 2 Track
Kyle Singer 2 Soccer
Lynette Sobehart 4 Rowing
Kristy Sott 3 Field Hockey
Robin Steinberg Lacrosse
David Stone 2 Baseball
Kirin Surpless 4 Rowing
Lauren Swierczek 3 Basketball
David Takseraas Wrestling
Evan Taylor Swimming
Booby Thiele 3 Cross Country/Track
Jessica Thomas 2 Track/Cross Co
Bruce Townsend 2 Lacrosse
Kathie Tracy 3 Basketball/Soccer
Emily Trakas 2 Swimming
Nicole Triden 2 Swimming
Jennifer Tuchband Tennis
Maria Tumbokon Rowing
Cara Unterkofler Field Hockey
Brian Vahaly 3 Tennis
Megan Van Dam 2 Rowing
Rebecca Van Dyke 2 Rowing
Lorraine Vizzuso 3 Field Hockey
Frances Warner 4 Cross Co./Track
Kelly Weaver 3 Tennis
Ryan Webb Cross Country/Track
Rebecca Weeks 3 Tennis
Carryn Weigand 4 Soccer
Katie Weinberg Softball
Emily White Field Hockey
Ashley Widger Lacrosse
Anne Williams Rowing
Henriette Wiliams Tennis
Courtney Wilson Field Hockey
Sasha Wilson 3 Soccer
Justin Wood Cross Country/Track
Becky Worthington 3 Field Hockey
Meaghan Young Softball
Stacey Zagol 4 Softball
Wake Forest 113
Melinda Adnot Cross Country/Track
Tony Andrade Soccer/Track/Cross C
Tyler Ashe 2 Football
Maria Beautell Golf
Nick Bender 4 Football
Timothy Bennett 2 Football
Michael Berger Tennis
Beatrix Bielik Tennis
John Bishop Cross Country/Track
Kathryn Blatt 2 Track
Joshua Buffolino 3 Cross Co/Track
Matthew Burdick 4 Football
Rachel Burns 2 Track
Obi Chukwumah Football
Nuria Clau Golf
Chris Cody 4 Track
John Colavincenzo Cross Co/Track
Dan Conway Baseball
Sean Conner 3 Soccer
Arthur DeLuca 2 Golf
Christopher Demetra 2 Track
Jessica Doss Volleyball
Bridget Duffy Golf
Pamela Edwards Cross Co/Track
Christopher Estwanik 2 Track
Chad Evans Soccer
Jenny Everett 3 Field Hockey
James Fitzpatrick 2 Basketball
Tim Fuller Basketball
Carri Gilchrist 3 Track
Mark Grae Tennis
Amber Grahn 2 Volleyball
Abdul Guice 2 Football
Adam Hakes Soccer
Johan Hansen 2 Tennis
Sharon Harmsworth 2 Volleyball
Maren Haus 2 Tennis
Adam Heaps Baseball
Lizzy Hechenbleikner 4 Field Hockey
Jonathan Helms 2 Football
Todd Hertling 2 Track
Broderick Hicks 2 Basketball
Garrick Hill 2 Track
Brock Hilpert Soccer
Jessica Hood 3 Volleyball
Katie Horne 4 Volleyball
Mary Jenkins Cross Country/Track
Charles Johnson Football
Jon Jordan 2 Football
Edward Kargbo-Okorogie Football
David Kawesi-Mukooza Soccer
Brenda M. Kirkpatrick 3 Basketball
Kelly Kirwin Golf
Elizabeth Klein 3 Soccer
Janelle Kraus 2 Cross Country/Track
Kathryn Kubic 2 Field Hockey
Joseph Ladapo 3 Track
Christian Laugen Cross Co/Track
Raul Ledezma Tennis
Julianne Lignelli Field Hockey
Victor Litovka 2 Soccer
Peter Loebach Cross Country/Track
Rebecca Maier 2 Track
Amy Marchell 5 Field Hockey
Trina Maso deMoya Volleyball
Lauren May 2 Track
Elizabeth McDowell Soccer
Christie Melby 4 Soccer
Heather Miller Basketball
Annemarie Milton 4 Tennis
Alisha Mosley 4 Basketball
Kerri Murphy 3 Golf
Melissa Murray-Hobbs Soccer
Clifford Neal 2 Track
Meaghan Nitka 3 Field Hockey
Patrick O’Keefe 4 Soccer
Jason Penry 5 Track
Elena Perea 2 Track
Richard Phillipp Tennis
Rachelle Pinckney 4 Track
Marta Prieto 2 Golf
Stephan Pro 4 Track
Amber Rieg 2 Volleyball
Stacy Roeck Soccer
Samantha Rush 3 Field Hockey
Karli Schilling Soccer
Kelvin Shackleford 3 Football
Kristen Shaffer 3 Basketball
Summer Shaw 3 Track
Lynne Shenk Field Hockey
Anne Shropshire Soccer
Scott Siemon 2 Baseball
Kalle Siira Soccer
Paul Singleton Track/Cross Country
Jill Snyder 4 Track
Caroline Stetler Golf
Benjamin Stafford 3 Soccer
Stephen Sullivan 2 Baseball
Matthew Thompson Soccer
Joshua Thurman Track/Cross Co
Amanda Tiller Volleyball
Jaime Tressler Field Hockey
Thomas Tymann 2 Track
Brent Wanner Golf
Elizabeth Washam Track/Cross Co
Adralyn Wendel Track/Cross Co
Maria Whitehead Field Hockey
Kevin Wickart Soccer
Philip Wiles 2 Track
Heather Wilkie 2 Volleyball
David Wilson Track/Cross Country
Brian Wolverton 3 Football
Christopher Yoder Golf

Annual Total ACC Academic Honor Roll

1957 96
1958 81
1959 99
1960 106
1961 126
1962 134
1963 138
1964 166
1965 149
1966 177
1967 192
1968 235
1969 230
1970 258
1971 333
1972 354
1973 379
1974 503
1975 496
1976 428
1977 366
1978 393
1979 377
1980 397
1981 319
1982 387
1983 * 478
1984 543
1985 484
1986 530
1987 640
1988 776
1989 817
1990 903
1991 947
1992 1062
1993 1151
1994 1176
1995 1185
1996 1422
1997 1549
1998 1552
1999 1631
2000 1659

* denotes first year for inclusion of women’s sports