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10th Man Endowment


10th Man Endowment   I. Purpose The 10th man endowment will allow students to help raise money for the Doug Kingsmore renovations. Also, it will allow students the opportunity to show the nation their devotion to Clemson University and Clemson athletics.   II. Procedure For a student to be a part of the 10th man endowment they must donate $20 to this endowment fund during the 2003 fiscal year (July 1, 2002 – June 30, 2003). Also, they must be a member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club.   III. Goal The 10th man endowment fund will raise $10,000 to be donated for Doug Kingsmore renovations.   IV. Benefits Students who become a part of this endowment fund will have their name placed on a plaque, which will acknowledge all $20 contributors. Also, a student who donates $20 will receive 10 priority points. The $20 donation will also go towards the donors cumulative giving.. Students may also participate in this endowment by honoring another person or persons (the honoree(s) must be a non-student). By contributing $20 for each additional name, the names of the donor and honoree(s) would appear as follows:

John Doe in honor of Jane Doe.

To become a part of this endowment, e-mail Brandt Gilbert your mailing address to receive a brochure.