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10 Things To Do In Clemson

10 Things To Do In Clemson

At Clemson, whether you’re a freshman or a senior, there’s always something to do. Sometimes it’s just a matter of creating the fun, and doing so at the right time. Of course, at a Top 20 institution like Clemson, eating, natural beauty, and sports are a way of life here. It’s what we do best.

1.     Head out to Bowman Field. It’s a first come, first serve free for all. Whether it’s lying out with a good book, setting up a picnic, or friendly pickup game of ultimate Frisbee or football, the possibilities are all there.

2.     Live for sports? Well outside of being a Top 20 institution, Clemson is consistently rated as one of the top jock schools in the country by services like the Princeton Review. Clemson’s a great spot to start or continue that long awaited workout regimen, and Fike Recreation Center can help give you a myriad of ways to do so. They’ve got an indoor pool, basketball and racquetball courts, fitness classes, and even mat rooms for those martial arts enthusiasts out there.

3.     You into the outdoors and exploring some natural beauty? Well Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education, or CORE, offers many outdoor opportunities throughout the year to participate in outdoor activities, from kayaking, backpacking, and hiking to rock climbing and is perfect for all skill levels, from beginners to hardened outdoor veterans.

4.     It’s no secret sports runs deep in our solid orange blood. In the fall, head out to see our Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams leave it all on the field. For Winter we’ll keep inside to see our basketball team, and as the flowers bloom we can take it to Doug Kingsmore for America’s favorite past time: baseball.

5.     If you need somewhere to eat, look no further, as Clemson has food to fit any stomach in need. Some particular hometown favorites include Todaro’s Pizza, Pot Belly Deli, 356 Sushi, Wingin It, and who can forget BGR, The Burger Joint.

6.     For those liberal arts folk who need or want a taste of theatre in their lives, check out the Brooks Center, who bring professional plays throughout the school year. Clemson theatre students put together their own productions in Brooks, and it certainly helps if they have support from their Clemson Family.

7.     Of course, one can’t go through Clemson in the fall without witnessing a home Clemson Football game. The Most Exciting 25 Seconds of College Football, as dubbed by ESPN’s Brent Musberger, is unlike any entrance in college football. Words are never enough to describe this phenomenon. 

8.     ClemsonLive hosts movies & on-campus events for Clemson students, so if you missed that spring or summer blockbuster, ClemsonLive is the best place to start. Oh, did we mention that it’s free? All you’ll need is your Clemson ID,

9.     Check out downtown for the latest in Clemson apparel and kick back in Spill The Beans for some great tasting Clemson ice cream. After all, Clemson cows are the best cows.

10. Last, but not least, make sure you can check out a Clemson sunset. There’s nothing like it. After all, we’re orange and purple for a reason.