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Joe Simon

Associate AD • Facilities Management

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger

Clemson Athletics wants to wish all the best to Joe Simon, as he assumes his new role as the Director of Facility Operations for the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Joe, Amy, Dean, and Mallory came to Clemson in 2014 following 9 years in Orlando where Joe worked in facilities and event operations at UCF. Prior to that, the Simon’s made to stops at UNC-Wilmington (1999-2000 and 2001-05) and at Brown (2000-01).

Originally from Boone, NC, Joe, the son of two professors at App State, has indicated that the positive working environment and family atmosphere he has experienced in the CUAD is what he will miss most. With respect to the working environment, Joe offered this insight: “Working for Dan and Graham has been a great experience. Their confidence in me helped me develop more confidence in myself.” A great testament to those in leadership roles about how important your trust, confidence, and support of others can be.

Joe’s successes at Clemson are many and will be evident to all for many years to come. With over $175M dollars in facility development completed or in progress, Joe’s legacy is literally cemented in the facilities throughout the Athletic district. Graham Neff suggested what stood out most are his “work ethic and communication skills, particularly his one-liners, which quickly informed all of us of where we stood with a given project.”

Joe, we want to thank you for your many contributions and lasting impact on Clemson Athletics and for sharing your time, talents, and one-liners with all of us at Clemson!