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Player Facility

Home of Tiger Baseball

On Oct. 2, 2015, Clemson officially opened the baseball player facility located behind the first-base stands. The facility, a $9 million addition to Doug Kingsmore Stadium, was the first building to open as part of the Will to Lead Campaign at Clemson University.

The 20,000 square-foot facility replaced the old 3,500 square-foot locker room and players’ lounge facility that was housed under the first-base stands. The complex includes many state-of-the-art features that improve the experience of coaches, players and staff, and also improve the recruiting process.

Lobby of Legacy

Upon entering the player facility, you are greeted by the “Lobby of Legacy”. This includes a number of interactive displays for fans to observe and acknowledge the rich heritage of the storied program. It also consists of infographics on All-Americans, major leaguers, national players-of-the-year, conference trophies, College World participant trophies and Gold Glove awards.

Players' Lounge

Beyond the lobby is a player’s lounge, complete with an area for student-athletes and other staff to have the opportunity to relax, study, or indulge in a game of Ping Pong. 

Amenities include:


Locker Rooms

A unique feature of the baseball player facility is the alumni locker room that is directly next to the player locker room. This is the home of former Tigers who return to their home at Clemson and have any interest in training during their professional offseason. 

Frosted floors to the left of the alumni locker room open to a breathtaking, dark, wooden locker room layout, complete with 44 lockers exclusively for Clemson Baseball players. This locker room includes four televisions in each section of the room, along with ten showerheads for the players’ use. The amenities of each locker include:


Coaches Offices

Located on the second floor, the staffing office within the Player Facility was created to enhance the coaches’ functional environment, along with providing the equipment necessary to take care of demands properly. This space allows for staff to have their own individual space in order to take care of business both effectively and efficiently.

Training & Equipment Rooms

The previous player lounge, prior to the renovations, is now part of an expanded training room for the athletes with a medical office, cold and hot tubs, as well as treatment tables for the day-to-day operations of the athletic training staff.

Just down the hall from the training room is a laundry room and equipment room. Prior to these additions, players and staff shared these amenities and had to walk to Jervey Athletic Center to receive any medical treatment and equipment needed.

Down the hall from the equipment room is a staff locker room, complete with eight lockers, including a head coach’s gameday office and locker room.

Players store their used equipment in a mudroom that is connected to the dugout, where they have access to drying racks, industrial sinks, and other equipment to help keep their iconic white cleats looking brand new.