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SAAB Minutes 041105

SAAB Meeting Minutes4/11/05

I. Dinner

II. Report from Sub-committees

a. Event Committee – Meghan Stanton/Nichole Carlton-BE A TIGER- 60-70 participants- great turnout of athletes

b. Athletic Participation Committee – Casey Phillips-April 19- Baseball vs W.Carolina- teams compete for attendance- winner gets pizza party/ice cream social -May 14- NAMI Walk- competing with Furman and USC SAAB for attendance -Posters and brochures passed out to be distributed

III. ACC Representatives for April 19th Meeting

-Lori Ashton and Candice Hein -10-4 Greensboro

IV. Any New Items/News (Open-floor)

a. From Administration -Ginty Porter- incorporating NCAA Leadership Rep on SAAB – SAAB Breakfast at coaches’ meeting- date not set

b. From Members/Teams -Clemson House not satisfactory during Spring Break

V. Suggestions/Concerns for Future of SAAB

-subcommittees meet prior to meetings/sit together to figure out a game plan ahead of time -Athlete Social/Dance- charge for charity? -Ryan Fenton and Ashlee Brown come back to help out next year

VI. Election of New SAAB Officers

-Casey Phillips, Nicole Carlton, Megan Stanton nominated -votes taken

VII. Dismiss

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