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Mar 19, 2022

Rowing Finishes First Day of Cardinal Invite

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. — Clemson competed against many teams on day one of the Cardinal Invite in Oak Ridge, Tenn. on Saturday. The Tigers performed well, including third-place finishes in every boat in the 1V8+, 2V8+, 3V8+ and 1V4+ heats.

The Tigers kicked off the morning in the V8+ race, clocking in at 6:27.978 for a third-place finish before the V4 also placed third with a time of 7:20.737. The 3V8 and 2V8 finished off the morning session with two more third-place finishes, with times of 7:04.147 and 6:37.710, respectively.

After a short break, the Tigers came back for another V8 race, this time placing fourth at 6:22.517 before the V4 clocked in at 7:12.875 for third. The 2V8 and 3V8 finished out the day with third and second-place finishes. The 2V8 clocked in at 6:33.470 while the 3V8 registered a 6:53.578 time.

“We had mixed results today,” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “The morning session went well, but the afternoon racing wasn’t as sharp as we’d planned. Tomorrow will be the test of our grit as we look to bounce back by ending the weekend the way we started it.”

For information on all results, click the link here.

Up next, Clemson will return for day two of the Cardinal Invite tomorrow, Sunday, March 20. The Tigers will compete in the first race of the day at 8:34 a.m.

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Saturday Morning:


  1. Duke 6:20.264
  2.  Indiana 6:26.551
  3. CLEMSON 6:27.978
  4. Wisconsin 6:30.250


  1. Duke 7:15.865
  2. Indiana 7:19.810
  3. CLEMSON 7:20.737
  4. Wisconsin 7:22.268


  1. Duke 6:44.773
  2. Wisconsin 6:51.893
  3. CLEMSON 7:04.147
  4. Wisconsin 7:10.419


  1. Duke 6:28.901
  2. Indiana 6:31.924
  3. CLEMSON 6:37.710
  4. Wisconsin 6:39.543


Saturday Afternoon:


  1. Yale 6:02.791
  2. Tennessee 6:14.579
  3. Tulsa 6:20.506
  4. CLEMSON 6:22.517


  1. Yale 6:49.982
  2. Tennessee 7:09.319
  3. CLEMSON 7:12.875
  4. Tulsa 7:33.927


  1. Yale 6:08.216
  2. Tennessee 6:27.170
  3. CLEMSON 6:33.470
  4. Tulsa 6:36.346


  1. Tennessee 6:44.862
  2. CLEMSON 6:53.578

Clemson Lineups:

Kate Hadley (Cox), Rachel Twitty (Stroke), Anna Luttrell, Lori Belanger, Isabel Velasquez, Pepper Kolman, Claudia Scherbin, Ellie Loehrer, Meghan McLean

Julia Walsh/Christina Minyo (Cox), Lucia Coutant (Stroke), Abby Dutton, Chloe O’Brien, Gabby Babin, Amelia Rinehart, Amelia Anglin, Emerey Sampson, Hannah Hayes

Kristen Dutkin/Lauren Crumley (Cox), Josie Bonamy (Stroke), Alexis Holliday, Deanna Caceres, Emma Frohnapfel, Elizabeth Murphy, Ivey May, Maddie Scarlett, Emma Randolph

Christina Minyo/Julia Walsh (Cox), Avery Howard (Stroke), Jaysen Hall, Caroline Emerson, Karli Robinson