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Powell’s Point No. 14

March 8, 2000

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Well the regular season has come to a close. Saturday was a very disappointing loss to Georgia Tech. With the loss we finished ninth in the conference and I think that hurts all of us. At the beginning of the season we were picked last and received the fewest amount of votes in ACC history. Some also said that we wouldn’t win but a game or two, if that many. But we were determined to show people that we were better than everyone thought and that we would not have the season everyone said that we would. In the end we won four conference games, more than most expected, but still finished ninth by one game.

So if we finished last then what did we achieve this year? We achieved many things. As such a young team and as a team that has been hit by every injury imaginable, to make it through that alone is one accomplishment. I was always told “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” We gained a great deal of experience this season that will benefit us in the future.

Will Solomon was honored as one of the top players in the league this season as a sophomore. So as we look back on the season there are some disappointments, but there are also many positives that can be built on in the summer.

This doesn’t mean that the season is over though. We still have an excellent opportunity to do something special this season. We get Duke Thursday night at 9:30. We will come ready to play and ready to win. We will then get Friday off before playing again Saturday. For the season that we have had, this is an excellent opportunity to get a day off in the tournament. We will put it all out there Thursday night and when the game is over then check to see how we have done.

Congratulations to Will on making first-team All ACC. This is a great honor for him, our program and our school. If anyone could have been around him this summer to watch how hard he worked, then they would appreciate what he has done more. He is a perfect example of what can happen with hard work and determination.