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‘Lena in London 2012

‘Lena in London 2012

Editor’s Note: Clemson junior Marlena Wesh has been gracious enough to author a blog on her experiences from the Olympic Games in London, England.  Wesh, who will compete for Haiti, is scheduled for the qualifying heats of the 400 meters on Friday, August 3. It is 10:34 PM here in London, England and it is one of the first few days of sunshine and heat!  I am five hours ahead of everyone back home. The flight went by really quick because I was asleep the whole time, and it was a night flight.  I think the excitement has just hit because I can’t stop smiling and thanking God for this opportunity that most people don’t get.  

The athlete village is remarkable, crazy, and insane; I don’t think there are any words to describe it for the simple fact that it includes not only track & field athletes, but also every single athlete in the Olympic Games.  You’re staying in the same exact place as LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Venus and Serena Williams and every other sports star – and it is crazy!

The village is basically a huge college campus with dorms, activities, and of course, food.  My apartment is on the 6th floor and it is three bedrooms with two beds in each room.  My roommate is a Haitian Judo player.  Every athlete stays with another athlete of their country.  The cafeteria is huge and so easy to lose yourself with the different types of food being served 24 hours of the day.  In one corner, there is a sign that says British food; Caribbean food; Chinese food, and of course, there is a huge McDonalds for the Americans who are not accustomed to different foods.  And, everything is free.  You walk outside and there are people at stands handing you fresh fruits, water, ice cream – everything.

Today has been unbelievable and it is only day one, I can only imagine what Friday’s opening ceremony will be like!