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Jamar McKnight’s Chat Wrap

Jamar McKnight’s Chat Wrap

Jan. 25, 2002

Moderator: (2:35 PM ET ) and would like to welcome Clemson’s Jamar McKnight to today’s chat.

Andrew Skwara (Tallahassee): Jamar, After seeing FSU up close and personal last night, how do they compare to the rest of the teams in the ACC? Jamar McKnight: (2:36 PM ET ) They are pretty talented. Since beating Duke they have a lot of confidence. Comparing them to other teams in the league they are a pretty good ball club. ronnie ruffner, frederick, md: who’s the toughest guy you’ve ever had to guard? who’s your best friend on the clemson team? Jamar McKnight: (2:37 PM ET ) Lately we have been playing a lot of zone. I don’t know for sure since we have been playing a lot of zone. Sharrod Ford is my best friend on the team. Mark R. (Hampton): Jamar, Where do you think the Tigers will end up once the ACC tourney starts? Jamar McKnight: (2:38 PM ET ) I think we should win the ACC Tournament. We still have a chance to get some things done in the second half of the ACC season. We just have to go out and execute. These close ones are just going to prepare us for the second half of the season. Kevin (NYC): If you could play for any NBA team, which one would it be? Don’t say the Knicks, they need a complete overhaul. Jamar McKnight: (2:39 PM ET ) Just any team. I would love to play for any team. If the Charlotte team moves to New Orleans that would be good because then I will be close to home. Josh Asheville,NC: Jamar I was just wondering what you attribute you’re improvement and current role on the team as our leading scorer as opposed to last year. Again keep up the awesome play and I hope you guys keep up the good work the wins are gonna come soon! Jamar McKnight: (2:40 PM ET ) Just being able to go in there and have fun and not have so much on your back. I have been able to go out and play and not worry about my family as much. Play each game like it is my last. Doug (Columbia, SC): The last two games, you have had a lead late in the second half but come away with a loss. What do you think is keeping the Tigers from winning that close game against quality competition? Jamar McKnight: (2:41 PM ET ) We need to take care of the ball. We need to play a little bit smarter. They are things we can work on and improve. BD, High Point, NC: What are going to be some of the keys to winning against North Carolina on Sunday? Good luck and go Tigers! Jamar McKnight: (2:42 PM ET ) Boxing out, limiting second chance shots to their inside guys. Playing with a reckless abandon and playing hard all over the court. David, Greensboro, NC: Who puts away the most food at pregame meals, big Ray or Chris Hobbs? Jamar McKnight: (2:43 PM ET ) Ray! If we eat steaks Ray will probably get four and then top it off with two plates of lasagna. To him it is like drinking water. Holly B. (Zachary, LA): Hey Jamar, what do you think your team needs to do to beat Duke? and, When are you coming home again? talk to you soon. Jamar McKnight: (2:45 PM ET ) Limit them from transition buckets. Close out on their shooters fast and don’t let them get open shots. We also need to stop ball penetration. I don’t know for sure when I am coming home again, but tell Coach Barham hello. Gerald, Lancaster, SC: Do you think the team can rebound from the loss to FSU and get mentally ready for what is a very tough schedule ahead? Any thoughts on UNC? Jamar McKnight: (2:47 PM ET ) Without a doubt. We know we should have these last three games. We will let our play on Sunday do our talking. We showed against Maryland we can play with any team. Everybody is ready. The practice we had today is just going to prepare us even more. JC(CINCINNATI): WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO GO TO CLEMSON? Jamar McKnight: (2:49 PM ET ) To play in a great conference like the ACC. It was a good opportunity to be close to my family. I have an aunt who lives in Atlanta. Also because of Vickery Hall which is a great academic center for student-athletes. John (Clemson): How do you think we match up against UNC on Sunday? Jamar McKnight: (2:51 PM ET ) I think it is a good match up. They have Kris Lang and Bersticker that match up with Ray and Chris. They have good wings, so I think it will be a good game. Holly B. (Zachary, LA): what do your future plans include? Jamar McKnight: (2:53 PM ET ) Trying to make it to the NBA. Graduating within a year in speech communications. Hopefully moving back to Louisiana and taking over Coach Barham’s coaching job. Moderator: (2:54 PM ET ) That is all the time Jamar has for us today. and would like to thank Jamar for stopping by.