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Clemson vs. VMI Postgame Coaches Quotes

Clemson vs. VMI Postgame Coaches Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Overall Thoughts:“It was a real good win for our guys. We had a very good defensive performance to hold VMI to 50. Their inside guys are very good scorers, and they’ve got the QJ Peterson and Rodney Glasgow on the outside that can really shoot and make plays. I thought we were a little rusty early and we looked like a team that hadn’t played in 11 days. We really recovered nicely at halftime and dictated the game from then on. I thought we had several guys play well.”

On how guys reacted in light of Devin Coleman‘s decision to transfer:“Those things happen in college basketball now and it’s just part of it. Everybody wants to play 25 minutes, but it’s impossible as a coach to make everyone happy. Now, other guys are going to get a few more minutes and they need to produce. I think our guys understand that, and we are going to coach the guys that are here really hard. I’m really proud of how our guys reacted to the situation and how they played tonight. Tonight, our best player wasn’t at his best and he walked into some crazy fouls. We played very well tonight, but especially in the second half.” 

On play of Jordan Roper:“He has had a lot going on health wise. We’ve talked about the scare this off-season, the concussion, and lately the groin. He has had a lot of little things happen to him and when you are a little guy like him, that’s a lot to have on your plate and on your mind. He has started to play a little better recently and just needs a couple more games to get his confidence back.”

On beginning ACC play:“I think we are better than I thought we would be defensively. We have to continue to shoot the ball better. We can’t go 4-for-20 in ACC play and win very many games. We kept turnovers down, and I think some guys are improving. Several guys are making great strides, but we still have to find one or two more guys to play a little bit better if we are going to do something in this league. It’s going to take one or two more guys that can really contribute in the scoring to be successful this year.”

VMI Head Coach Duggar Baucom

Overall Thoughts:“With 12 minutes to go, it was a four-point game and we just quit making shots. We couldn’t get them to go in. They got some run-outs and we turned it over a few times that led directly to lay-ups. Their size bothered us.

“We had some uncontested shots, though, a lot of wide open threes. Out of our 28 threes, I would say 15 were wide open. We had four threes on one possession and didn’t make any. I told them if we didn’t make shots they would run right back at us. We didn’t do a good job getting back.

“We had two starters out, and those guys were missed tonight. Our depth was missing. We gave other guys opportunities, but they didn’t take advantage. It’s just tough. Credit Clemson, though. They extend out and we didn’t run the floor hard, especially some times in the second half. I think we just got tired because they had a few extra bodies.”

On D.J. Covington’s play:“Yeah, he played well. My challenge to him, though, was to play that well against Longwood. I said ‘You can play that good against Virginia Tech and Clemson, now be that good against Longwood. He played really, really well tonight.”